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Shopping is definitely one of my pleasures.  “Hi.  My name is Terri, and I’m a shopper.”  For me, a shopping trip  belongs under Entertainment.   Being an introvert by nature, shopping allows me to interact with society (which one does need) while still feeling safely anonymous.  Shopping can also be ranked under  Educational and Enlightening.  As the GoodWill commercial says, “You should see all the things they have here!” 

There is a big difference between shopping and buying.  I can have a wonderfully satisfying day shopping,  and buy nothing.  It’s the hunt for  treasures that’s fun.  It’s like a trip to the art gallery, where one can admire the beauty and creativeness of items on display. My most memorable date with my husband was an evening spent meandering through an Ethan Allen furniture store.  We were young, and definitely not anyone who could afford to shop there.  So while we blissfully wandered from display to display, daydreaming and critiquing, we had an entourage of sales people keeping a watchful eye on us.

Yesterday was such a day.  My day off from work, big sales everywhere, and a prized coupon in hand.  I had looked forward to it all week.  I spent four hours aimlessly browsing in different stores.  I bought the one item that I needed,  then I just looked at all the tantalizing merchandise.  Many things caught my eye, many things I stopped to admire and consider.  Then, the little voice in my head said, “What would you do with that?” or “You don’t need that, you already have enough stuff.”  So on to the next temptation!

More on shopping later.  See you next time!


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