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Bags, Bags, Bags

I love handbags.  I really do.  I love the colors, texture, styles, and designs.  I love looking at them in stores, in catalogues, online, and on people.   I especially love having one myself.

A handbag  is an important extension of ourselves for when we leave home.  A handbag  has the essentials of daily living.  Whatever the situation, wherever we are, whatever we might need at the moment;  it is in our handbag.  Wallet,  keys, cosmetics,  cell phones, calendars, tissues, pens, pencils, notepad, sunglasses, glass case, comb, brush, lint roller, fingernail polish, gum, lozenges, and on and on it goes.  I can’t imagine  how men  survive without a handbag!

My attachment to handbags began in my early youth.  All my needs could be met by the contents of mommy’s diaper bag.  Hungry, there’s a bottle in the bag.  Need a diaper changed, there’s a supply in the diaper bag.  Change of clothes, toys to entertain, teething biscuits, ointment, handwipes,   all in the diaper bag.  And heaven help the mother who forgot the diaper bag at home.  It usually only happens once.

Just as I was outgrowing the need for a diaper bag, along comes Kindergarten and I was introduced to the ‘schoolbag’.  This time, I have to haul it around myself .  “Big girls carry their own bags!”  In my school bag were my school books, my homework, my lunch, extra mittens, notes from mom…or teacher, tissue, pencils, erasers, papers-that-never-made-it-to-parental-vision, marbles or a jump rope for recess.  Those school bags were pretty important!  If you didn’t have what you needed for class, you could always go “check in your school bag”.  Obviously, during the course of my school years, the styles of acceptable school bags changed many times.  In grade school I recall having what today is called “The Messenger Bag”.  In high school and college, we all had back packs as our bags.  Whew!  You could carry a load in one of those!

For a short while I was able to move up the ladder and trade in my back pack for a briefcase.  But that didn’t last long.  Soon, I found myself in need of a diaper bag once again for my own babies.  A BIG diaper bag.  And the cycle begins again.

So the  history of depending on reliable bags seems to have fueled the flames of passion for…purses.  Some women have many handbags in their closets, some women still carry the same purse they first used in 1973.  Some women will pay hundreds of dollars for a designer bag.  Personally, I couldn’t do that (even if I had the means).  I have found very nice purses at garage sales, clearance racks, and  Goodwill.  What drives me to purse shopping is the need to find THE PERFECT HANDBAG.

The perfect hand bag should be stylish of course, but it also must be easy to use.  The perfect hand bag needs to be  big enough to haul the essentials and more, but it also should be small enough for easy carrying.  What I need is a Mary Poppins bag..  Remember her satchel?  From its depths she hauled out lamp stands, mirrors, coat rack, and medicine.  Lots of stuff, all in one bag, and so easy to carry one can blow away in the breeze while carrying it.

Yah, I wonder if I could find one in purple?


Comments on: "Bags, Bags, Bags" (2)

  1. I think Mary Poppins preferred black.

  2. I bought myself a new purse for going back to work from maternity leave… I’d been living exclusively out of a diaper bag for the past 8 weeks… a new purse makes everything better!

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