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Global Warming

Global warming is big stuff in the news lately.  Is it real?  Is it all a hoax?  Is it the natural cycle of nature?  Being somewhat of a scientific mind, I decided to do some of my own studies on the reality of global warming.


Here we see the side of a nearby glacier.   As you carefully examine it, you will see evidence of plant life uprooted and carried along by the glacier.


Aha! Here we see some evidence that glaciers have been receding in this area.  As the snow and ice melts, it deposits the rock and debris it gathered and pushed along in its original advance.


Apparently, this particular glacier has been receding for some time.  It has warmed up enough that plant life can now sustain itself.

We must now return to the original question concerning the validity of the global warming hysteria.  Is there indeed undisputable evidence of global warming as seen from these photos?

Or, could it possibly be the normal cycle of spring returning after a long winter; and the glaciers are nothing more than snow banks left by our dear friend, Mr.. Snowplow?

What do you think?



Comments on: "Global Warming" (2)

  1. Bethany said:

    I’m going with the snow plow theory!

  2. I’m testing to see if my gravitar worked!

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