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Spring Cleaning

Thirteen days into March.  We’ve had 7 days of sun, and 5 days of fog and rain.  Today the wind came.  It blew away the fog.  It blew away the rain.  It blew away the last of the snow.  Hopefully, spring is just around the corner.

And so is spring cleaning.

This is not going to be a blog filled with expert advice and helpful hints on how to do your spring cleaning.  You will have to go to other helpful blogs on that subject.  This will be a blog that journals my own struggles and attempts at cleaning.  Martha Stewart I am not.

13 months ago, my hubby and I made the journey from a 2600 square foot house/double car garage to a 1100 square foot apartment/single car garage.  This will not be a blog with advice on downsizing.  There are a vast number of other helpful blogs on that subject.  Suffice it to say, when all was said and done, we were left with a garage and a storeroom still filled with unpacked totes and stuff with no where else to go

Last fall, Hubby and I managed to sort, toss, and rearrange the stuff in the garage just enough to get the car in for the winter months.  Good thing we drive a small car.  Today I began to undo all that rearranging so I could open the storeroom door and commence with sorting through the towering stacks of unpacked totes.

Theoretically, it should just be our own household treasure that never got unpacked and put away.  Wishful thinking.  As our children grew and flew the parental nest, they left a great deal of their belongings.  I guess they didn’t want us to wallow in an empty nest.

So, today I stalwartly began the job of unpacking, sorting, tossing, and distributing.  A major part of the storeroom is still dedicated to the childhood treasures of children who live too far away in small apartments.  Another corner is filled with totes of china and crystal treasures that haven’t made it into the china cabinet that’s too big to haul up the stairs. After finding room for still-to-many Christmas totes, I rammed shut the storeroom door.

The rest will have to wait for another day.  I’m pooped.


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