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What’s for Dinner?

If any question can shake up a homemaker, “what’s for dinner?” is the one.  I’ve been reading many blogs by women who are tackling the intense business of properly feeding their families.  Food  budgets, meal planning, shopping hints, proper nutrition, recipes, time schedules… you name it, it’s out there somewhere in cyberland.  And most of it is good advice written by folks who have put in a lot of experience and research.  My hats off to you!

I have noticed, however, that many of the bloggers are mothers of large families. I no longer have a large family to feed.  I’ve “been there, done that” already.  My ‘nurished youn’uns’ have flown far and wide, leaving Ma and Pa with an empty nest.  One would think that cooking for two would be so much easier.  No it’s not.

There are different hurdles to jump now.  We’re busy with work and projects, and don’t prioritize eating when it’s just the 2 of us.  Meal times have become sporatic.  More often as not, we end up eating frozen pizza in front of the TV.  A big “NO-NO” when we had a house full of children!

Sometimes I think we do ourselves no favor by having such a variety of food to chose from.  What to eat, what do I feel like eating.  Hmm,

Maybe the poorer cultures that dine on one main food source have the best idea.

At any rate, Pa and I have tried to upgrade our eating habits.  Pa helped our neighbor butcher a cow, and we get to share in the meat.  That should help stimulate the cooking dinner brains.

Oh yes, one can be very creative when cooking the cow neck for dinner.

Yum, yum!

You know, a well stocked pizza could hit all the necessary food groups…


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