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Political Thoughts

This day is a big day in politics.  The House will be voting on the Health Care issue.  Hubby discovered C-Span, (we just got cable) and has been glued to it since Friday.  24/7 representatives have been taking their turns thumping for or against Health Care 101.

What I don’t understand, is that they appear to be thumping to an empty House.  What’s the deal with that?

I have my own thoughts on the Health Care Reform issue, but my concern now is how our government is working on this bill.  With so many examples of government-run health care in Europe and Canada, have our leaders looked at the results to see if that is what we want in America?  Reminds me of the quote, “Learn from others’ mistakes, you don’t have time to make them all yourself.”  History shows that even the U.S.’s attempts at health care reform has failed throughout the years.

Another concern of mine is the representation the American people have in our government.  Are the Senators and House Representatives that “We the People” are sending to Washington DC really representing their constituents?  Or are they representing their personal, professional, and party welfare?

I have wondered how things would work in Washington, if the government officials were dependent on their constituents for salaries, and benefits?  Would they work for their constituents and not their parties?  Would there be less ‘dirty politics’ if their welfare depended on their performance? Imagine if each November, besides voting on who we want to represent us, we also voted on their salary and benefits?  What if our government officials received the average pay and benefits of their constituents?

Obviously I’m not a political science experts, but every once in a while I do wonder about what’s happening…


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