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I think stones are one of those little things that are taken for granted.  Stones are everywhere – roads, riverbanks, shores, fields, gardens, shoes, and even the carpet at times.  Yah, they are ordinary little things that are found everywhere.  So what?

Wait until you move into an apartment complex with nicely landscaped lawns, and you need a simple stone, and there are none lying around!

Suddenly you discover how much you need stones!  I can’t pot my houseplant because I need a few stones to put in the bottom of the pot.  The wind from the window blows the door shut; I need a big stone to use as a door stopper.  My art ‘n craft fetish requires stones for painting.  And let’s not forget that Saturday evening menu staple – Stone Soup…

Yes, gone are the good ole days when I lived out in the country, and could step outside my front door and kick up any number of stones.  Now I have become a Stone Seeker.  I seek out flowerbeds landscaped with stones.  At the library, the bank, the grocery store; quick! no one is looking. Grab a handful of stones and stick them in a pocket!

What they say is true.  You never fully appreciate something until it’s gone.


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  1. Stones must be an issue with us, eh?

    We regularly buy gravel for our driveway. Yet, every winter the snowplow spreads it into the lawn and every spring we have to pay a lawnsweeper to put it back in the driveway.

    Stones are definitely a commodity!

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