Nana has tales to tell, and thoughts to share.

Today being a Friday, it means the work week and my brain power are about at an end.  Is it any wonder that God wanted us to have a day of rest?  I read in a health magazine about sleep being the time of restoration for the body.  The most restorative hours of sleep are between 10pm and 2am.  Experts have also figured out that the most restorative time of the week was between Friday 6pm, and Saturday 6pm.  Hmmm,  wasn’t that the Old Testament Sabbath?  Is that a coincidence, or what!?

For my birthday several months ago, my two young grandchildren each presented me with 2 skeins of yarn.  Pink for Little L, and green for Little P.  Since I knew that Little J would be joining the family in another month, I went out and bought 2 more skeins of blue.  Then I started crocheting my “Nana Shawl”.

nana shawl

Pink for Little L, my first granddaughter, green for Little P, my first grandson, and blue for Little J, my second grandson.

I’m not one for following directions very well…at least with crocheting, anyway.  I borrowed measurements from one pattern, and stitch ideas from another.  Then I changed them all to fit my whims.  I ended up with a “Trinity Stitch”. Three different stitches for my three grandkids, and for “Father, Son, and Holy Spirit”.  It made for a very interesting and close-knit stitch.  Rather like my family.

Nana wrapWhen (not if) I am blessed with more grandchildren, I figure I can add new colors as borders.  Maybe my shawl will end up as a blanket!!

Another crochet project I am working on is one of those that can be done in little pieces.  That makes for portability, so it’s an ongoing project that goes everywhere with me.


I’m crocheting 12 x 12 in. squares (double stitch, back loop only), and sewing them together into strips.


Eventually I plan on sewing the strips together to make a crocheted bed quilt.  Can you tell that I like purple?


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  1. I love your two projects!

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