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There have been a few signs that spring is here; robins,  sunshine, rising temperatures, melting snow, and motorcycles on the road.  But yesterday, I saw the surest sign of all… the first Rummage Sale sign of the season.

Rummage sales, garage sales, yard sales, flea garage salemarkets, thrift stores – all great places for treasure hunting.  Some of the names, however, I feel are misnomers.  They never sell the garage at garage sales,  the yard never goes at yard sales,  and who would want to buy fleas at a market?  Rummaging at rummage sales, works.  So does being thrifty at a thrift store.

All puns aside, I am quite excited to see the first rummage sign of the season.  Rummaging is fun.  I use to make good use of rummage sales.  I use to have a big house to decorate.  I use to have a large family that needed many items like clothes, lamps, curtains, bedspreads, mirrors, dressers, etc.  Now I no longer have a large house to fill, or needs to meet.  I’m in a small, comfortable apartment, where Hubby and I have more than we need.  Still, I enjoy rummaging!

I enjoy rummaging, and I enjoy collecting the treasures I have rummaged.  Besides useful household goods, I am always on the lookout for additions to my collections.  My two biggest collections are teddy bears, and crockery.  Secondary collections are music boxes, tea pots, and coffee mugs.

In order to balance my fun of rummaging with my lackrummage haul of need or space, I have had to set some parameters for my hobby.  First of all, is it useful and/or is there a place for it?  Second, is it “Made in America”?  Now that little rule really curtails any impulse buying!


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