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The Kitchen

I’ve been thinking of my kitchen lately.  Must be all the Better Homes and Garden magazines I’ve been reading.  I love home decorating magazines.  Besides the magazines, so many people are blogging about cooking and baking and recipes and menus and… Whoa!  One can’t help but have one’s brain cells drift in the culinary direction.

So, this morning I was surfing through BHG’s web site, and came across an article entitled: “What Kitchen Style Is Best for You?”  It came with a quiz.  (Just what I needed on a Monday morning)  I am always curious about ‘what style is best’ for me, so I took the quiz…

Quiz: What Kitchen Style Is Best for You?

Your Results

Chef Boyardee

Kitchen Cart

Based on your answers, it sounds like you would like a kitchen that cooks for you. But since that hasn’t been invented yet, you’ll settle for one that makes food prep quick and easy. Maybe you’re single or an empty nester, but whatever your situation, your answers indicate that you don’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen and that cooking and baking aren’t among your favorite pastimes. That doesn’t mean that you don’t appreciate a good meal — you just appreciate it more when someone else is doing the cooking.  Your best bet: For the days you do choose to eat at home, create a kitchen that is suitable for your low-maintenance style. Fancy appliances like a double oven and an indoor grill are a waste to you, but your microwave and toaster oven are likely worth their weight in gold. Consider treating yourself to a few kitchen gadgets like a great electric can opener (perfect for popping the top on cans of soup) to speed up prep time when you do cook. Finally, since your cooking needs are minimal, you can put any extra kitchen space to use for other purposes. For example, you might want to carve out a desk where you can sit to pay bills and read mail. And don’t forget to set up a file for all those take-out menus!

Well, that’s one Monday morning quiz I managed to ace!  Funny, because Empty-Nester Hubby and I were just this past weekend talking about a counter top convection/toaster oven.  I’ll have to show him the quiz results.


Comments on: "The Kitchen" (1)

  1. Bethany said:

    I want a Star Trek Kitchen with a food replicator! Or a fabulous chef that works for free….
    Oh wait, I am the chef that works for free. I just need to get fabulous at it!

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