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Shopping for Groceries

I know, it doesn’t sound like a big deal, but Hubby and I went grocery shopping this evening.  You have to understand some background info on us to fully appreciate  the significance of this fact.  You see, our family has been heavily entrenched in the educational field.  First Hubby and I experienced our own years of education, then our children went through schooling, and on top of that, I taught school for 20 years.  So we were pretty well immersed in the concept that Sunday through Thursday nights were school nights, and we did not go out and about on school nights because of homework.   Even after the school years were history, Hubby and I spend our evening ‘cocooning’.  Usually we just crashed on the couch.

Not tonight.  When I came home from work, we went grocery shopping.  Hubby, Mandy (hubby’s medical alert service dog), and I hopped into the car and drove 12 miles to the nearest Wal-Mart.  Tonight we had a plan.  Our daughters have encouraged us to check out Dave Ramsey’s e-mealz, an online weekly menu planning and shopping program.  (I think they were concerned about our frozen pizza habit).

We were some sight; Hubby pushing the shopping cart, service dog along side, and me with a clipboard trying to follow the printed shopping list and find the listed product.  It was hard to stay with the list; we kept being distracted by all the other stuff we usually bought.  The store was too big!   I felt totally out of my ‘small-town-small-world element!  What in the world is ‘rotel’?  I had to call my son-in-law for help.  Never did find it.

Eventually we got the shopping done, paid for, and packed into the car.  It was dark outside, and we were feeling a primal need to get back to our burrow.  It ended up being another night of frozen pizza, but starting tomorrow, we will be following our nutritionally balanced, culinarily expanded,economical menu plan – Florentine Chicken with caesar salad.  Mmmm


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  1. Rotel is by the canned tomatoes… took me forever to find it! My hubby and I started this meal plan Sunday… I love not having to figure out what to make, but shopping has become more of a scavenger hung.
    PS: the Florentine Chicken is yummy! 🙂

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