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In elementary school, way back in the ’60’s, we had hot lunch served everyday.  I suppose most schools do now-a-days; but back then,  for a parochial school to have cooks come in every day and make lunch from scratch…that was special!

As students, we had our favorite dishes…Macaroni and Cheese (from scratch, not the box), Scallop Potatoes with Ham, and peanut butter balls for dessert.  But we also had our lest favorite dishes.  And for most of us, the all time loser was cooked spinach. We could smell it coming down the hall.  We would stand there with our big china plates while the cooks would scoop huge piles of slimy, green, over-cooked spinach on to them.  YUCK!!!

I became very good at scooping up that slimy, green, over-cooked, YUCKY spinach and hiding it inside my empty milk carton when the teachers were not looking.

So there it is…my childhood trauma…having to eat cooked spinach.  Why am I dredging up this old trauma?  Well, when I came home from work today, Hubby was preparing our first meal from Dave Ramsey’s e-mealz menu plan.  I was excited.  It was supposed to be Alfredo Chicken.  Sounded exotic to me.  But when Hubby put my plate on the table in front of me…what did I see?

SPINACH!!! In the Alfredo sauce!  All over the chicken, the mushrooms, the caesar salad!

Well, it’s not every dinner dish that I grab the camera and take a picture of my plate.  I had to say, the dish looked like it was straight from Better Homes and Gardens. In fact, it looked so good that I grabbed my fork and dug right in.  Yum!  It was good!  Spinach and all.  Kuddoes to the chef!


Comments on: "Conquering Childhood Trauma" (5)

  1. Aah yes, the beef stew, spinach and dried chunk of cheese meal. The worst. The stew was stringy, the spinach like seaweed, and everyone poked at the cheese with their straws until it came out the other end. I still can relate to its grossness.

    But, on the other hand, I regularly eat spinach now. I just don’t cook it much:-)

  2. Looks good!
    If you make the pepperoni loaf (next item on the meal plan!) tell Dad to take it easy with the spices. I used the amounts they show for the recipe, and it was too strong for me (so probably would be for you too!)

    How fun is it that we are eating the same meals this week!?

  3. I didn’t remember the rest of the school meal. I was so traumatized by the spinach, I must have blocked it out!

  4. I switched to the 2 person any store plan because the family plan was too much food for two adults and a picky eater toddler! I think it is hilarious that you guys, Becky, Ruth, and I are all on the same meal plan. Even though we live in four different states we are eating the same thing for dinner every night!!! Kind of like when we were all still living at home…see how the internet has revolutionized our society?

  5. I gave our four kids Cooking Light magazine for Christmas and we often are cooking the same things too. I thought we should start a cooking club. I always thought it would be fun to be in one.

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