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Healthy Habits

It’s hard to ignore all the advice on living a healthy life.  Television, books, newspapers, magazines, doctors,  insurance companies, sporting goods stores, pharmaceuticals,  and even the government are all giving us advice on how to get healthy, stay healthy, and improve our quality of life.  Healthy living has spawned  whole industries.  There’s a lot of money to be made in healthy habits!

There seems to be 3 big areas – exercise, rest, and good nutrition – that leads to a healthy live style. Of course I have some opinions on all of this stuff.

I agree whole heartedly with getting the proper amount of rest.  I can do that easy!!  In fact, I wouldn’t mind spending more time in that area of health improvement.  I read in a health book that the body recuperates during sleep, especially during the hours of 10pm to 2am.  Also, the best days of the week for rest and recuperating  is Friday evening until Saturday evening.  God even told his people to ‘rest’ on the Sabbath (Friday evening until Saturday evening).  Coincidence?

Eating nutritiously is a bit more challenging.  It is very difficult to eat your spinach when you prefer chocolate pudding.  Time and talents can interfere also.  I come home from work around 5:30pm.  I’m tired and not up to clutzing  my way around the kitchen trying to cook up a highly nutritious dinner for Hubby and myself.  And why is it that the healthy food cost more than the unhealthy food?

Of the 3, exercise has to be the real killer for me.  I know all about the health benefits of exercise, but for me, it  just doesn’t work right.  Seeing as I have fibromyalgia, exercise hurts!  There are days when blinking my eye is too much exercise!

Walking has been a relatively safe and easy way to exercise.  Last year I also bought a new bike and began riding to work.  I loved riding my simple, old-fashioned 24in. bike.  I was anxious to get it out and ride to work this week.  I did so on Monday.  Only Monday.  Now I am waiting for all my screaming muscle fibers to settle down and recuperate.  After all, exercise is supposed to make me feel better.   I have to remember to start out s-l-o-w-l-y!My lovely purple bike.


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