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AARP Wants Me

I have received a lot of mail from someone called  AARP.  Apparently they want me very much because… I’m supposedly over 50.  Now who told them that?

I had to Google AARP just to find out what they were.  Well, since 1999 they have been just, plain, simple AAPR.  The letters don’t stand for anything.  Further research showed that they had much to offer someone over 50 – like discounts!  I like discounts.  I think discounts are nice.

Now, I could have stopped right there, but I didn’t.  I researched some more.  I discovered that prior to 1999, AARP stood for “American Association of Retired Persons”.  Hey, now hold on… I’m not retired!  I’m still working!  I’m still wearing blue jeans and tennies!  How dare they assume I’m old and retired!

I also discovered that they have a political agenda.  To support and protect the rights of the elderly.  But some of their political standings are rather questionable.  Are they really speaking for those over 50, or are they just another lobbyist?  Hmmm.

I don’t think I’m quite ready for AARP just yet. But…if they want to try to convince me to join, they could always just send the discounts!


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