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Been thinking about Mom lately, and not just because yesterday was Mother’s Day.  After many years of craft sewing, I decided to sew myself a skirt.  I find that in my advancing years I am becoming fussy about uncomfortable clothes.  So, I found an easy pattern (on sale of course) and some fun gauzy material (also on sale) and set out to sew myself a new, comfortable skirt for this summer.

I was gaily putzing along, laying out the material and pattern, when I heard Mom’s  familiar voice,

You know you bought material with stripes.”

“I know.”

“You realize that you will have to match the stripes when you lay out your material and your pattern.”

“Uh… I didn’t think of that…”

“Well, I’m reminding you!”

My mom was an accomplished seamstress.  And she was a perfectionist.  Although  she signed me up in 4-H to learn sewing, (I think saving sanity was behind that move), she worked behind the scenes to teach me the higher sewing  standards that she held.

So there I stood, next to my laid out material, looking at all those different colored stripes.  Thousands of them.  And Mom wasn’t going to let me get away without matching them.

It’s tough obeying those voices in your head!  But I diligently worked at laying out the pattern pieces so that the stripes would match at the seams.  Then I cut out the pattern pieces, pinned the two front pieces together and sewed the front seam.

“Look, Mom!  The stripes match!”  I was so proud of myself.

Feeling confident in my skills, I continued by sewing the back pieces together.


You didn’t pin your pattern pieces all going the same direction!”

Arg!  I was so busy making sure I was matching the stripes for Mom, I missed that one little detail.  I matched the stripes, but the stripes are going in different directions.

I know!  It’s SUPPOSE to be zig-zaggy!  I’ll finish sewing it,  I will wear it, and every time I do – I will think of Mom.


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  1. I like it!! I think the zig-zag gives it a little something extra. 🙂

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