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Front Porch

Real Estate agents talk a lot about curb appeal when trying to sell a house.  It’s the first impression that grabs folks.  As I stand at the curb and gaze at a house, there is one feature that jumps out and grabs my attention.  This one little detail would make or break a sale for me.

Does the house have a front porch?

Every house has a front porch doesn’t it?  I’m not talking some little cement step in front of the door, but a real porch like you find on older homes.  Back in the ‘old days’, houses were built with porches for several reasons.  People liked to sit on their front porches and greet their neighbors.  Maybe invite them up for lemonade and a game of checkers.  In the summer time, the front porch was the coolest place to be.  Literally.  The covered front porch also offered extra protection from the elements.

Unfortunately, people started designing houses differently, to reflect some new attitudes toward life.  After WWII, builders began building small single floor homes in suburbs for all the returning soldiers.  They didn’t put porches on them; probably to save on cost.  They put in a cement stoop in front of the door.  Later on, houses were made with almost no porch.  The garage was put in front of the house.  The inhabitants did not  mingle with their neighbors.  They built decks and patios in back with their fenced in yards.  Privacy was the theme of the day.  Nobody knew their neighbors anymore.

Well, I have longed for an old-fashioned covered front porch.  A porch with a swing, a rocker, and wicker furniture. A porch with trellises and flowering plants.  I would sit on my porch with a cup of coffee, or a glass of lemonade.  I would greet my neighbors, and invite them up for a friendly chat.  I would sit in the swing or rocker and enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

Yup, that’s what I longed for.  Never had a house with a real, old-fashioned covered porch though.  The closest I’ve come to my dream porch is the deck in front of my upstairs apartment.  But you know, it’s a good-sized deck, it has a railing, and the roof overhang covers everything.  I can set out my rocker and patio furniture.  I can sit with my cup of coffee and watch all my fellow apartment dwellers come and go during the day.  It’s a nice place to enjoy the outdoors.

Not bad at all.


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  1. I hear you! I grew up hanging out on my Grannie’s front porch with all my extended family. Our current home has a large front porch, which I really like. Every house should have a big front porch. It should be a law or something. 🙂

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