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A New Day


A new day is dawning!  Sitting here with coffee in hand, and enjoying the early morning atmospheric display; I am reminded that I have just received a wonderful gift.

A gift of a new day.

A gift of 24 hours

1,440 minutes,

86,400 seconds.

What shall I do with my gift of today?  Well, for starters, it’s my day off from work.  That means I have the whole day to myself.  That is always a plus!  Since it is also a nice sunny day, I should take some time to go for a walk, or ride my bike for some much-needed exercise and Vitamin D infusion.

I have a Mother’s Day gift certificate to Michaels craft store that is just itching to get spent.  A nice day to drive in to town and do some shopping.

I should squeeze in some ‘good stewardship’ time and clean up and care for the home God has given me.  Fortunately, He has blessed us with a very nice apartment, and it doesn’t take very long to do the housework.

A nice warm, sunny day calls for sitting on my deck with ice tea and my current crochet project.

It’s always sweet to spend companionable time with Hubby.  In the evening we sit together in the living room, sometimes with little projects in hand, but always together.

And of those 1,440 minutes today, I want to spend time with my Lord.  I want to be sure and thank Him for the 86,400 seconds He has given me today, and for being with me as I live each of those seconds for Him.

What a wonderful day today will be!


Comments on: "A New Day" (2)

  1. Sounds like a very nice day. You’ve given me a good reminder of who’s given me my day and for whom I should live it. Thanks!

    Enjoy your special 86,400 seconds from the Lord!

  2. Hey, I clicked on your Vitamin D link. It promotes weight loss! Woohoo! I’m heading outdoors right now!!!

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