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Brace for Impact!

Pachyderms – pacts – impacts.   Ok, I have now tied the picture to my content.  Today I am thinking about impacts.

How will the weather impact your plans?

How does Wall Street impact Main Street?

How do laws impact our freedom?

One of the meanings for impact is “to change, or have a shocking effect”.  How would an elephant impact your back yard?  I imagine it would be quite shocking, especially if you were not watching where you stepped!

Individuals  impact their environment, and the people around them.  environmentalists talk quite a bit  about the impact we have on nature.  We know all about our carbon footprints.  But have you ever thought about how you might impact someone else?   Or, who impacted you?

Last night as my mind was aimlessly flipping channels,  this thought occurred to me.  And I had a ready answer!  One I had never thought about much.  You see,  50 years ago, there was a little girl who impacted my life greatly.

My mother had a friend named Mrs. P.  She had a daughter named Karen. One time, my mother brought me along to play with Karen while she and Mrs. P visited together.  Karen led a very shy and nervous me down the basement stairs to play.  Later, as I climbed back up those basement steps, I did so as a different person.  Playing with Karen had a great impact on me.

How so?  Down in Karen’s basement was a playroom.  In that playroom her father had installed a 4×8 foot genuine slate chalkboard. All afternoon Karen and I drew pictures and wrote words on that chalkboard.  I loved writing on the board!  The impact?  As I climbed up the basement stairs to go home, my path in life had been firmly established.  Karen had said the magic words –

If you like writing on the board so much, you should be a teacher when you grow up.”

I spent the next 18 years of my life preparing myself for being a teacher.  And for 21 years, I was a teacher.  Now,  my daughter continues on as a teacher in her classroom.

Such a little comment, spoken from one little girl to another, and the impact it had on the lives of many, many people.  We never walk aimlessly through life.  We leave more than just a carbon footprint behind, we leave footprints on the hearts and minds of those all around us.  How about you?  Who has impacted your life?


Comments on: "Brace for Impact!" (3)

  1. Do you have contact with this Karen? You should try to find her and tell her of the impact she had.

    Interesting isn’t it? We never knows when something we say will have an impact, do we?

    • Karen Peterson was her name. They lived on Hanover St…3rd house from the end of the street. Crazy the things I remember. I lost contact with her when we moved to Waugh Rd. Yes, it is interesting how we impact others. Scary too!

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