Nana has tales to tell, and thoughts to share.

My husband informed me this morning that I don’t handle stress very well.

Where ever did he get that idea?

I have 2 doctor appointments in a neighboring big city tomorrow, and he was asking if I needed him to come along.  What a sweetheart.

Maybe he could pitch-hit for the yearly test I’m suppose to have, but have avoided for too long.  The nurse at my practicioner’s office must be German.  She’s stubborn, strong-willed, and doesn’t take no for an answer.  After several visits of her asking, and my excuses, she pulled a ringer on me.  She handed me a ‘coupon’ for a free mammogram…appointment already set.

Who can not make use of a freebie?

Hubby’s right.  I don’t handle stress too well.  I use to think I did a decent job of forging ahead.  I did things anyway, even though they were stressful.  I  just didn’t realize the way handling stress affected me.  I guess others had a better vantage point in that area.

My other appointment is for a hearing test.  Another age-appropriate condition in need of addressing.  I’m not worried about this one.  I already know my hearing is on the fritz.  I have found that giving the I-can’t-hear-you blank stare has proven useful as an effective stress management technique on more than one occasion!


Comments on: "Monday Morning Confessions" (3)

  1. hahahaha.You have the best pictures! I don’t know why a mammogram is so stressful. I can handle any other exam but that one puts me over the edge. Not sure why. And I should be right next to you for that hearing test. Too much loud music in my youth i guess. My kids say my whispers are as loud as talking. Hahahaha.Love ya.

    • Actually, going to the dentist puts me over the edge. I’m calming myself for tomorrow’s stress with a promise to treat myself to a trip to Joanne Fabrics afterward.

  2. This was priceless! You know how to prepare for the mammogram, don’t you? Lay on your left side in the garage and have your hubs back the mini-van over the item in question… then you roll over to the right side.

    I like to think I have “selective” hearing loss.

    This was great!

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