Nana has tales to tell, and thoughts to share.


Today was my day for a few necessary medical tests.  Age related medical tests.  Nothing really to stress out over, but I managed.

The 40 minute drive from my little cow-town into the big city with all its traffic and streets was an invigorating experience.  I spent the entire trip arguing with the GPS lady as to which way was the best way to reach my desired destination. (not that I really desired to be there…)  At least we got there on time.

Technology has made great strides in improving the comfort level of mammograms.  A nice microwave warmed gown to wear, a few snapshots, and within a half an hour I had my test results and was on my way.  It really does help to study for tests!!

Around the corner and down the block was my next appointment.  It seems that the citizens of my community have developed a bad habit of mumbling when they come into my store.  Hopefully the audiologist would be able to offer some help.  I was all nice and comfy in a little padded room, wearing great big head phones.  I hear the pulse in my head:

“Thu-dub, thu-dub, thu-dub, thu- Zzzzz…”


Oh, yah, I’m suppose to be listening for the beeps.


After sitting in the room for what seemed a very long time, the doctor returned and released me.  She had found the reason everyone in town was mumbling; and, she had a solution.

Yah, I managed to survive the stresses of today.  A two-hour nap, a funnel, and I’m good to go!


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