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Summer Lane

Summer Lane by Tony Bianco, 2002

“In the good ole summer time,

In the good ole summer time,

Strolling down the shady lane…”

Can’t you just imagine Andy and Opie Taylor strolling down the lane, fishing poles over their shoulders, Andy’s whistling, and Opie stoops to pick up a stone and throw it.

Yah, that’s summer.  The painting by Tony Bianco brought out that feeling for me.  Summer time tends to bring out the child in us.  The first day of summer vacation rivals Christmas morning as far as the excitement in a child, recently released from school.

Summer time is a time for fun.  Outdoors.  Everything should be done outdoors in the summer. Swimming, fishing, biking, hiking, exploring. Reading good books in the shade of the backyard tree. Drinking lemonade, eating ice cream, and lounging in the hammock. Just lie in the grass and watch the clouds drift by…  it’s summer.  The planting is done, and the harvest is down the lane a ways.

That summer lane beckons us to follow its path.  Slow down.  It isn’t a paved speedway.   There are ruts, roots, grass, and stones along the way.  Kind of like life.  You ought to slow down and watch where you are going. And when you slow down, you notice all the wonderful things to see along the summer lane.  Butterflies, flowers, birds and bunnies.

That summer lane is taking you somewhere, you know.  We can visually follow it for a ways, but it’s destination is hidden in the distance.  Where will it take us?  What will we see and experience along the way?  What memories will we keep?

I hope your summer will be a good one, that you will be able to slow down and ‘smell the roses’.  Have fun with your families and friends.  Soak up the sun. Then, come back relaxed and refreshed, and ready to go!


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