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Time for a New Look

Justifying some situations require extreme measures. For example, my Hubby doesn’t have a vain bone in his body.  The least of all his concerns is how he looks, or what he is wearing. Hence, as we approach our 30th wedding anniversary, and he is still wearing stuff from high school, it is time for Wifey to put her foot down.

Lets start with the heavy, baggy jeans he picked up on clearance at the dollar store several years ago.  They were big and baggy to start with, but then he lost weight.  He’s still wearing the same ole pants, just keeping them up with a harness strap of a belt (from high school).  He looks like a chemo survivor.

His shirts have no bragging rights either.  They are old, (“but still usable!”) stained, faded, torn, or chewed on by the dog.  I suspect that among his stash of clothes, there are shirts that date back before perma-press was invented.

I have wanted to clothes shop for him, since forever.  But he was never too keen on the idea.  “He didn’t need anything…”  It has taken me these almost 30 years of marriage to convince him he needed a new look.  And I had just the ammunition for the task.

Poor Hubby has felt the effects of age catching up with him.  Aches and pain remind him of all the hard labor, and crazy stunts he has pulled off in past years.  Chiropractor visits have become a semi regular occurrence.  The other day I had one of those illuminating ideas.

Dear, says I, “ you know your hip pain might be aggravated by the weight of your big heavy jeans and big, wide belt.”  No… don’t think so…  Silly me!  I must wait for a really painful moment and approach him again.

Dear, says I, “I really think your hip pain might be aggravated by your heavy jeans and belt.  I really think you would be more comfortable in lighter weight jeans that fit you properly.”

Today it worked!  I casually mentioned that since today was my day off, I would like to visit Wal-Mart.  Hubby jumps right in with, “Yes, let’s go clothes shopping!”

Never, ever hesitate at such moments!

Well, we went to Wal-Mart, and as it so very often happens, we found racks of summer clothes on sale.  Jeans – five dollars, tee-shirts – two dollars, casual dress shirts – three dollars.  Oh, I started hauling in all the shirts in his size.  He found jeans he liked, tried them on, then grabbed the last several pairs in his size.  He got so ‘into’ this shopping scene, that he spent 10 minutes deciding on what kind of socks to get!

On the drive home, as we basked in the after glow of a good day’s effort, I commented to Hubby that there was one more thing to do before unpacking his new clothes…  clear out and get rid of the old!

It’s nice to see him look nice!


Comments on: "Time for a New Look" (2)

  1. I never thought he looked that bad. Did you at least let him keep his cool tennis shoes? I liked those. Funny Funny post. You never fail to make me laugh out loud.

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