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What Ever it Takes

It’s July, and it’s hot.  I don’t like hot.  I don’t handle hot very well at all.  I melt.  The only thing higher than the temperature this past week was the humidity.  Thank goodness for the breezes we had each day.  Breezes are little bits of wind; and wind is a very welcomed bit of nature when it is hot outside.  If it’s windy long enough, it will blow that humidity out over Lake Michigan where it belongs.  Lake Michigan can handle the humidity better than I can.

Wind is a very interesting.  You can’t see it, but you know it’s there.  You can feel it, and you can see the effect wind has on things around us.  The wind can be gentle and welcoming.  It can also exhibit great power,  Reminds me of  The LORD.  We can’t see Him, but we can feel His presence in our lives.  We can’t see Him, but we certainly can see His handiwork and power.  Wind is an example of God’s power.  Wind doesn’t just rattle my wind chimes, it’s a giant air mass covering the entire earth!  It moves weather systems across the planet.  It blows clouds across the sky.  I like clouds.

Clouds fascinate me.  I am enthralled by the shapes, the colors, the different types, and the power behind them.  I fantasized the other day about being a free-lance photographer with a spiffy digital camera and fancy lenses.  I would do a whole art show based on photographs of clouds.

Yah, Yah, my head’s in the clouds, I know.

Well, back to this weather business.  Back in January, everyone complained about it being too cold.  March, April, May, and June were also too cold.  When is summer going to get here?  Well it’s here now!  Guess what people are saying now about the weather…   Right, it’s too hot!

So, during these hot days that are doing us in, we seek all kinds of ways to stay cool.

Air-conditioning.  God bless the folks who invented AC.

Shady trees are nice.  Mosquitoes like them too.

Swimming is a good way to get wet.  When you’re wet, the moisture evaporates, thus generating a cooling sensation.

Drinking lots of liquids is a very important way to help stay cool.  Preferably liquids with electrolytes.  Not liquor.

When it’s hot, we’re hot. And whatever works to cool us off is a good thing.


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