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The clouds aren’t happy this morning.  I could tell as soon as I woke up.  It’s in the middle of July, and I had to turn the lights on three hours after sunrise.  That’s not suppose to happen.  A glance out the window explained the lack of light.  A thick gray blanket of clouds had taken over the entire sky.

As I stepped out onto my deck for my morning commune with nature, I heard a faint grumbling.  From up there.  The clouds were grumbling, just under their breath.  You had to really listen to hear it. Grumbles from an unhappy child having to do chores.  I stayed for a while and listened.  I wondered why they were so unhappy this fine morning.  Is it hard work to spread out and cover the entire sky?  Don’t they like each other’s company?  Maybe they don’t like working together.  Cold air masses and warm air masses like to keep to themselves.  Protons and neutrons have a rather staticy relationship.  Maybe the clouds are feeling bloated.  I get ornery when I feel bloated.

I pondered these questions as I sat in my rocker eating my breakfast cereal.   The clouds were grumbling louder, and more often.  The unhappy situation was intensifying.  I could almost  hear my Dad say,” If you kids don’t quit that fighting right now…I’m gonna  stop this car, and make you walk home!”

Soon enough, the grumbles gave way to all out temper tantrums that thundered and rumbled, and tumbled my corn flakes.  Just what is going on up there that causes such ferocious power and noise?  As the atmospheric tantrum continued, the angry clouds began throwing  bolts of lightning  at each other.  Back and forth like an ancient battlefield in the sky.

Some one is going to get hurt!

And sure enough, with one loud explosion the tears began to flow. They poured out in a heavy torrential downpour.  My cereal was getting soaked.    W hat should one do?   Child psychologists sometimes tell parents to walk away from a tantrum tossing toddler, so I did.  I went back into the house and waited for the clouds to cry themselves out.

After the tears stop flowing, maybe the clouds will feel better.  A good cry is one way to work out bad feelings.


Comments on: "Discombobulated Multitudes" (1)

  1. Loved your description of the summer storm and the pix. We’re in the midst of our summer monsoons here in Arizona. Finally, blessed rain! More often than not, it is a ‘nonsoon’. It can rain in Arizona and actually evaporate before it hits the ground. It’s called Virga. I’ve felt the rain on me, but then there is no evidence of it on the ground.

    I always love a good storm with thunder and lightening. The sounds, the smells, the sights. Thanks for your vivid pictorial.

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