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Ever have one of those moments when you are absolutely sure the world is out to get you?

I have my share of moments like that.  I know there must be some fancy psychological name for such a condition, but I don’t know what it’s called, and I don’t really want to know either.  I talked with a counselor once about how the whole world seemed against me.  She  called it paranoia and said I needed to change the way I think about things.  She may be right to some extent,  but I know for a fact that Microsoft  is out to get me.

It’s not that the program does not work for me, my computer operates very well, thank you.  No, the issue is more insidious than that.  Maybe it’s a worm, or a virus, or even a hacker… but I know that somewhere, someone has stacked the cyber deck against me.  They will no longer let me win at Solitaire.

I have enjoyed  Solitaire since the day Mom taught little me how to play.  I spent many an hour spreading those Solitaire cards across my bed spread.  So you can imagine how thrilled I was to discover I could play Solitaire on the computer!  I was no longer hampered by having to reshuffle and lay out the cards for each new game.  I didn’t have to obsess over keeping the cards properly aligned.  It was all done for me at the touch of a keystroke.  That meant that I could easily sit down to enjoy a game any time I wanted.

And I did that quite a bit!  During some pretty rough periods, I’d sit for hours at the computer, playing Solitaire.  And, while I am no expert, I’m no sluff either!  I became pretty good at the game!  I won a great deal of the time.  Then suddenly, it happened.

Just like that, Microsoft turned on me.  The game changed.  The deck was stacked against me!  Suddenly, the new game would be laid out all in one color.  And the cards I turned over would all be in that same color.  Or else the numbers laid out would be low cards, and all I drew were high cards.  I would flip through the stack of cards once, and the computer would end the game.  I had no chance!  Other times I would be almost done, and the computer would end the game before I finished.

I just know that Microsoft is out to get me.  I must have won too many times, so they changed the rules of the game.  You know how the House  plays.

Well, I am not about to let a little thing like Microsoft Solitaire get the better of me!  I’m not going to struggle against their stacked decks any longer.  The Big Guns haven’t wised up yet, but I have discovered Sudoku!


Comments on: "Soliterri" (6)

  1. I love that your mom taught you how to play Solitaire, because I remember you teach me how to play! I like to play the various versions that are available on Facebook… I lose at the Microsoft version too much. 😉

    • You mean there is life outside of Microsoft?!? [?] I will have to do some cyber space exploration! Hopefully, it won’t require a 5 yr. mission.

  2. I meant to say “I remember you teaching me how to play”, not teach me… 🙂

  3. You should be typing me a message or calling me on the phone instead of playing cards! I miss you!!!! That dog cracked me up!

  4. The Schnauzer cracked me up too, but only because I have two of them. One of each gender and both neutered.

    • Growing up we had 4 dogs in the house. 3 Schnauzers and 1 Standard Poodle. Us kids were in a 4-H dog club. I always enjoyed the Schnauzers, even if the poodle was mine. 😉

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