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Morning Mental Musings

A single rumble of thunder woke me up early this morning.  When I was a child, a rumble of thunder would send me skittering to my parents’ bed for safety.  When I became a parent, thunder would announce  the arrival of  my own little ones seeking safety under the covers of my bed.  Now a days, the sound of thunder has me scrambling once again – to unplug the electronics.

Electronics sure are marvelous things, and they sure have had an impact on our lives.  Take our cellphones, – please!! Hubby and I bought into the smart phone phenomena this last winter.  I wanted a phone with a full keyboard, Hubby wanted camera capabilities.  When the GPS feature was discovered, it was love at first glance.  (Hubby has no sense of direction.  He NEEDS someone to tell him where to go!)  Six months later, Hubby and I have conceded that neither of us are smart enough to use a smart phone.  And what good is the GPS gal when all she does is tell us we’re “off track” or our “signal is weak”?  We still fumble with answering the phone when it rings, usually cutting off the caller.  And forget trying to dial out.  Face it, we need the  Jitterbug.

Twenty five years ago Hubby first got involved with computers.  I remember our first computer – ‘Some assembly required’. DOS was the MO.   Hubby would click away at the keys to access a program then go out to the kitchen, make a pot of coffee and a sandwich, go back to the computer, and if he was lucky, the program would be ready.  Having A computer in our home was a pretty big thing!  As the children grew older and had jobs, they went out and bought their own computers. Wow, we were a multi-computer family!    Three years ago we said goodbye to the phone line connection.  Now Hubby and I  sit together on the couch, each with our own lap top.  I have the cutest little red netbook.  The cuteness factor is important to me.  Being small and portable is a real plus.  I can go anywhere and sit anywhere I want to work on my computer.  Such freedom!

Such things that bounce around in my brain early in the morning.  Yea, now that the electronics are safe from electrical blowout,  maybe I can still hide from the thunder under my bed covers.  See ya later!


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