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One should feel safe in their own homes.  The federal government has the responsibility of  keeping  our country safe from invasion.  State government is responsible for the welfare of the  people in their state.  Even small town government have the responsiblity of protecting the safety and rights of their citizens.

So, with all the power and might of these governmental powers, how is it that the average citizens in the US are not safe in their own homes from the ongoing invasion of  unwanted  aliens?

Every year, mid summer, the  hordes of invaders make their way across the country.  You see them every where.  At work, in stores, on the streets, park benches, in barns, and even in the sanctity of our own homes.  It’s enough to frustrate and irritate anyone!

So how has the government helped us in this fight against these  illegal parasites?  Well, they have many agencies that have studied the situation.  They made studies, they have advised us as to the dangers, and they have made feeble attempts at some sort of remedy.

Let me tell you, in my opinion, what has been done for our protection isn’t worth diddly-squat.  Oh sure, there are the usual suggestions such as better border control, proper screening, traps and sticky situations to attract and capture the invaders.  They even have advanced so far as to use electronics and technology to keep them out.  But it hasn’t worked.  We are still over run, and as I stated before, I am irritated!!

The aliens … the unwanted invaders… the enemy that will destroy our rights to live peacefully…

The  fly.

What else?!!

Every year, come August, I go into red alert.  I prepare for the upcoming battle against unwanted flies in my house.  They drive me nuts!  Their presence is an affront  to my housekeeping skills.  “Ugh,  there are flies in the kitchen.  How unsanitary.” So I assume battle stations.  The screens in the doors and windows are checked for security.  The unsightly lines of fly tape are hung around the house.  The fly swatters are strategically placed throughout.  And I attack.

I am deadly with a swatter.  I will chase down every fly that lands in my kitchen.  The floors will be littered with dead bodies.  I stalk the windows, banging away at the flying hordes.  And I count – 16…17…18…19 – as the enemy falls beneath my deadly slams.  My family is wise enough to stay out of my way when I am on the warpath.  My favorite secret weapon?  Our halogen floor lamp.  I turn it on full force and fry the little buggers when they go to check it out.

“What is that aweful burning smell?”

“I’m frying flies.”

I suppose that somewhere on the food chain flies are important for someone.  I just wish they would stay where they belong and not invade my space!


Comments on: "The Invasion of Illegal Aliens" (2)

  1. OH MY GOSH, YOU MAKE ME LAUGH! Especially since I’m from Arizona and I thought this would be another rant on our SB 1070! What a hoot! With this in mind… have you ever noticed that flies DO NOT land on onions or margarine (synthetic butter)? I do eat onions but I won’t touch margarine. Butter is natural and margarine is one molecule away from plastic. If flies won’t touch it, I won’t either.

    • My hubby added to your comment about “If flies won’t touch it…”

      ” 10 million flies can’t be wrong – eat sh*t!”

      ( He comes from Washington state where flies are a minority)

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