Nana has tales to tell, and thoughts to share.

You don’t have to go to school to learn new stuff.  Why just yesterday I learned a very important lesson –

Never eat a prune danish just before you leave for work.

There is a wealth of information and knowledge to glean out there.  And just as many ways to learn.  I love reading all those weekly magazines at the grocery store checkout lanes.  Not the gossip ones, but the ones that each week come up with new ideas for weight loss, exercising, organizing, de-stressing, and such.  In between the anchor stories, I always find some useful tidbits.  I’d like to share.

Cure insomnia with houseplants.

(Plants clean the air.  There are all kinds of toxins in indoor air, and breathing them can interfere with the brain’s chemical make up for deep restful sleep.  I could try to explain it all, but just trust me…go fill your bedroom with house plants.)

Save money on OTCs by skipping the drugstore.  Buy store brand OTCs at discount stores.

(Well, DUH!  Being vindicated is good.)

You can get free sewing patterns at

(As my family likes to say: “If it’s free, it’s for me!”  And, you can be assured that the next person walking in will not be wearing an identical outfit!  Also a plus.)

Need a body scrub?  Mix oil with sugar, or blend a teaspoon of sea salt into a large dollop of petroleum jelly for a thicker, more moisturizing scrub.

(For a full spa effect, go vacation along the Golf  Coast.  A day at the BP beach ought to give you everything you need for a full body treatment.)

Fight off colds with slippers

(Yup, Granny was right: Keeping your feet warm can cut your risk of catching a cold.  When feet get chilly, it tightens up the blood vessels in the sinuses, which makes it hard for white blood cells to get to the mucus membrane of the sinuses, where most viruses sneak in.)

Ease digestion with apple cider vinegar. 1Tbs. apple cider vinegar and 8 oz. water before meals will soothe heartburn…

(within 24 hours.  If you want to wait 24 hours…)

Restore wood furniture with a cup of tea

(Make a cup of tea, allowing the tea bag to seep until the tea is cool.  Pour into a bowl, dampen a cloth and wring out the excess.  Wipe furniture in the direction of the wood grain and buff dry with a clean, soft cloth.  Tea contains tannic acid, which removes grime and restores wood’s shine.)

Black tea has been shown to bust stress, protect your heart, kill bad breath, AND block the adsorption of fats in your digestive system.

(Ah, maybe the British were on the right track all along.)


Comments on: "Gleaning From the Wisdom Fields" (1)

  1. I especially like the advice about the slippers and the tea.

    Family members have always commented that I wear socks ALL THE TIME, even in the summer and especially when I sleep, but my feet run cold, and I like the luxury of wearing my hand knitted socks. It makes me feel so expensive. The white blood info gives me ammo to fight back, as long as I don’t have a cold when I use it.

    The tea advice is great too — Tea is one of the more wonderful resources on the planet. If they really worked at it, they could figure out a way to run a car on it.

    Thanks for sharing the advice.

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