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Red Hot Passions

Now there is a title to stir the blood!  At least it is suppose to.  Theoretically.  All the great writers say so…  The word Passion most likely congers up visions of romance, wine and roses, lust and love.  Somewhere in there,  a boy and a girl. . .

Passion has taken on a broader meaning also.  Passion for ideals, hobbies, beliefs, reasons for living… You get the idea.

Another way that the word passion is being used now a days is in the field of employment.  The big head hunters, job consultants, magazine articles, news reports – they all are asking,

Are you passionate about your job??”

Let’s see… I’m a gas station cashier.  Am I passionate about the product we sell??  No, not really.  Well, maybe the donuts and candy.  The ice coffee is pretty good too.  I also enjoy visiting with customers since I am safely tucked away behind a big counter.  But I’m not passionate about it. I didn’t want to grow up and be a cashier!

In these days of high unemployment, many folks are looking for new jobs, or for a change in jobs.  People are advised to “look outside the box” in their job searches. Today people are wanting to know how to begin looking for a satisfying, profitable employment.  And guess what the experts are saying…

Follow your passions!”

Are you  passionate about photography?  Ooh, There are dozens of opportunities awaiting your talents!

Are you passionate about cooking?  Chefs, caterers, restaurants, and reality shows are waiting for you!

Computers??  Endless possibilities.

Get the idea? Great. Previously, my passion was for teaching. I taught for 20 years.  I had a blast.  Now, I’m not a teacher anymore, so I’ve been looking for a new niche. My children are all grown up and independent. My grandbabies are safely out-of-state. I guess I am looking for a new passion. Okay, how does one go about picking out a new passion, once you have outgrown your previous passions?

What are some of the things I like to do?









Spoil the grandkids . . .

I’m going to have to be very creative in finding a passion that can become a profession.

Is there an employable field in Barcalounger testing?

How have you turned a passion into a profession?


Comments on: "Red Hot Passions" (4)

  1. Oh Terri! Love, love,love this post! I figure in a few short years, I’ll be the greeter at Walmart. Passion? Hmmm, NOT! But teaching/mentoring inmate fathers to read to their children – now there’s my passion!

    • Mentoring inmate fathers to read to their children is indeed something to be passionate about! As a teacher, I always tried to get my students’ parents to understand the importance of reading to their children. I’d visit homes that didn’t have a book in sight! *shudder* !

  2. What about a volunteer grandparents program? Are there children in your area who don’t have grandparents nearby and could use attention/mentoring/tutoring?

    • well, there are a few ‘regular customer’ kids who know all about the lady at the store who gives them treats when they come in… [?]

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