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How Ever Does the Mind Work?

Ever wonder how things work?  All kinds of inquisitive minds wonder about all kinds of interesting things.  Intellectuals may wonder about all kinds of philosophical ideals.  Mechanical minded folk may want to figure out how physical objects work.  For example,  my three-year old granddaughter  has entered the “why” phase.

“Why are you reading that book, Nana?”
“But why?”
Why, why, why.

On the other hand, her one year old brother is more interested in the hows and whys of  mechanical items.  Not to long ago he wondered how the bathroom door stopper worked. He used the ‘hands-on”  approach to quench his curiosity.   He had the door stop so dismantled that his mother could not put it back together.  Now my daughter wonders “How can my two kids be so different?”

Right now, I am kind of wondering about my attempts at blogging.  When I first became interested in blogging, it seemed like a good idea for many reasons.  I always liked to write – rather, I always liked to type my thoughts and ideas and letters and school work and whatever.  Writing can be therapeutic.  Writing can be a way to exercise my gray matter and stave off dementia.  Writing gives the writer a way to reach out to the rest of the world and share thoughts.  It was also a good reason to ‘need’ my own portable, cute little net book computer.  As I researched how to be successful at blogging, I learned that frequency and regularity of posting were good habits for successful bloggers.  So I tried to be a frequent and regular poster.

I worked hard a coming up with interesting ideas for blogs.  I tried to follow a theme set forth by my blog.  I posted pictures to add interest.  I strove to use popular tags.   And I aimed to blog twice a week.  As a new, novice blogger, my readership was limited to a few faithful relatives. That’s how it goes, right? Like actors and actresses, I was waiting to be discovered.

I  noticed something.  Suddenly, my blog stats showed a major increase in readership!  Wow!  What a boost to my ego!  People had discovered my brilliant literary work.  I was pumped.  Then I began to wonder what bit of talent, intellect, or witticism should be credited for this increase in readership.  So I took a good look at my blogging history.  Guess what I found?  Due to health issues and writer’s block, I hadn’t blogged per my frequent and regular schedule.  In fact, since I hadn’t been adding new blog articles, my readership has increased 50 – 70%

Obviously, this little tidbit has me boondoggled.  I don’t write, and people are flocking to read me.


I guess I discovered the key to success –
Don’t do anything.
Keep people wondering.
Then bask in your glow.


Comments on: "How Ever Does the Mind Work?" (2)

  1. Well of course! When you don’t write, people notice that they stop getting the nifty email notifications about a new blog, and have to come to the site to see if maybe you posted a new one and they some how missed it! 🙂
    Keep up the blogging… your grandson likes it when I read them to him. 🙂

  2. I check every couple days to see if I missed anything. I miss you. Reading your blog makes me feel a little closer to you.

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