Nana has tales to tell, and thoughts to share.

Once upon a time there were three Jacks. 

The Three Jacks

Grande Jack,

Daddy Jack,

and Chunk-a-Munk Baby Jack.

Grande Jack was a big strong Jack who climbed the mountains where he lived, and hiked through the forests.  And every so often Grande Jack would hike through the forests, and climb down his mountains, to visit his son, Daddy Jack.

Now Daddy Jack was big and strong, too; but he has not been as big and strong as long as Grande Jack.  Daddy Jack learned to be big and strong by throwing rocks around his yard,and by playing football when he was young. Now he practices being big and strong by carrying heavy things around the house, like his son, Chunk-a-Munk Baby Jack.

And then there was oh-so-cute Baby Jack.  Babies usually aren’t very big, and compared to Grande Jack and Daddy Jack, Baby Jack was not big and strong at all.  But for a baby, he was a Chunk-o-Munk!  Baby Jack loved to eat and play, eat and play, eat and play, all day long.

One day, Grande Jack decided to visit Daddy Jack, and Baby Jack.  He put on his warm hiking boots, his jacket, hat, and mittens, and began to hike through the forests to Jacks’ house.  Grande Jack jumped, and skidded, and slide down the mountain to the valley where the other Jacks lived.  When Grande Jack climbed off his mountain and went into the valley where the Jacks lived, he noticed that the weather was very different.  It is cool in the mountains.  It is not cool in the valley.  It is hot.   By the time he got to Jacks’ house, Grande Jack was very hot, and very tired.

Let’s go swimming!” said Daddy Jack, when he saw how hot  Grande Jack was.  Daddy Jack and Baby Jack had a very nice pool at their house.  There were palm trees and lounge chairs, and lots of pretty girls at the pool.

Grande Jack  wanted to show everyone how big and strong he was, so he said to Daddy Jack, “Let’s have a contest to see who can make the biggest splash at the pool.”

Daddy Jack wanted to show how big and strong he was, so he said, “Yes!  Let’s see who can make the biggest splash at the pool!”

Baby Jack didn’t much care about who was bigger, but he liked splashing in the pool, so he cooed, and grinned, waved his arms in happy agreement.

Grande Jack went first.  He took a big running start and went sailing through the air, hitting the surface of the water in a gigantic belly flop.  Water went splashing everywhere!  The pretty girls in the lounge chairs squealed “Eeek!” as they got all wet.

That was an impressive splash!” said Daddy Jack, as Grande Jack climbed up the ladder and out of the pool.  “Now it’s my turn to make a big splash.”  With that, Daddy Jack climbed the ladder to the diving board and took a few practice bounces.  Suddenly he ran to the end of the board, and with a mighty high bounce into the air, executed a thunderous cannonball into the middle of the pool.

The resulting tsunami not only splashed water all over the girls on the lounge chairs, but washed out all the other swimmers from the pool.  People everywhere were trying to stand up and dry off by the time Daddy Jack got out of the pool.

Rather impressive.” conceded Grande Jack, “but we better see what Baby Jack can do before we declare a winner.”

Baby Jack had sat quietly in his baby stroller, watching all the excitement.  As Daddy Jack padded over to where he sat, Baby Jack began cooing and waving his arms in excitement.  It was his turn to go in the water!  Daddy Jack unbuckled Baby Jack and pulled off his little tee-shirt.  Then he pulled off Baby Jack’s pants, revealing  his cute little swimming trunks.  Last but not least, Daddy Jack carefully put on Baby Jack’s swimming sunglasses, and velcroed them into place.  Baby Jack was ready for the pool.

Very gently, Daddy Jack walked over to the edge of the pool, climbed down the steps, and lowered Baby Jack into the water.  Baby Jack kicked his fat little feet, and waved his chunky little arms, making tiny little splashes in the water.

Oh look at the cute baby!” squealed  the pretty girls.  “Look at his little swimming trunks, and his shades!  He is so adorable!!”  And with that, all the pretty girls jumped into the pool and crowded around happy Baby Jack splashing away in the water.

Daddy Jack looked over at Grande Jack and winked.  “Chick Magnet”  He whispered.  “They always make the biggest splash!”

Chick Magnet


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  1. He certainly is a chick magnet! 🙂

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