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A Light in the Night

It was a dark and stormy night…

Actually, it was the morning after the dark and stormy night.  It was a dark and stormy morning, but you can hardly start out stories that way.  All night long the wind had howled, the rain had poured, and the thunder and lightning had done it’s part to keep the little family fitfully awake most of the night.

Now it was morning, still storming, and still dark.  It was still dark outside because of the storm clouds.  It was still dark inside because, of course, the storm had knocked down the power lines.  No lights, no heat, and as Momma Bunny soulfully discovered, no fresh morning coffee in the kitchen.

“All the clocks have stopped”, stated Papa Bunny as he entered the kitchen with a flashlight.  “We are going to be late.  But then, so will everyone else, I guess.”

Momma Bunny just stood there, sadly looking at her clean coffee pot.  Her clean, and empty coffee pot.  “I should be more like my mother.” she muttered.  “My mother never cleans her coffee pot at the end of the day.  Every morning she stumbles into her kitchen and has to clean the pot before she can make new coffee.”

Why would you want to be like your mother?” a puzzled Papa Bunny asked.

Because if I were like my mother, there would be cold dregs of coffee in the pot that I could drink right now!” wailed Mama Bunny.

It’s going to be one tough day,” sighed Papa Bunny as he continued his flashlight security check of the house.  His search found no drips or puddles in the house.  That was a good thing.  His search also discovered no other working flashlights.  Not such a good thing.  As soon as the baby bunnies woke up, they would be squealing in fright due to the dark…

Right on cue, a terrifying scream emanated from the middle of the parental bed where the baby bunnies had huddled during the night.  Lyddie Buns sat in bed, with her hair on end, staring into Papa’s flashlight beam.

It’s ok, Lyddie Buns,” said Papa.  “I’m right here.  Please don’t wake up your sleeping brother.”

Why is it so dark?  Can I get up and watch cartoons?  Can I have a flashlight? Can I have some scrambled eggs with sausage and toast for breakfast?” whimpered Lyddie Buns quietly so she wouldn’t wake up her baby brother.

It’s dark because the storm knocked out our electricity.  Without electricity we have no lights, no cartoons, and unfortunately no other flashlights.  Why don’t you try crawling back under the covers with Baby Pete while I help Mama make cold cereal for breakfast.”

Mama never makes cold cereal for breakfast,” muttered Lyddie Buns as she crawled back under the cover. “She make wholesome warm breakfasts for her little bunnies.”

In the flickering beam of the fading flashlight, Papa and Mama Bunny did their best to start the day.  Mama was setting the cereal and bowls on the table in the kitchen when she noticed a glow of light coming from the bedroom.  Since she was holding the one and only flashlight, she naturally was curious as to the source of the bedroom light.

Lyddie Buns!” called Mama, “are you playing with a flashlight in bed?”

No, Mama.  Papa said I couldn’t.” replied Lyddie Buns.

Then what are you doing? And where is that light coming from?” asked Mama Buns as she entered the bedroom.

I’m playing with Baby Pete!” giggled Lyddie Buns.  “And everytime Baby Pete smiles, he lights up the room!”



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  1. Lyddie Buns? I love it!

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