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A Snap Shot on Life

One of my favorite TV shows is The Mentalist on CBS.  I find it fascinating how Patrick Jane can learn so much about a person with just a casual glance.  I often wish that I had some of those talents to help improve my people skills.  If I could read people better, I might get along with people better.

I suppose that Patrick Jane’s character wasn’t born with this talent, but rather, reading body language, and being observant to the  little details that show a person’s personality took a lot of practice on his part.  So I have decided to practice noticing the little details, and coming up with logical conclusions.  I thought I would start with something familiar.  My living room.


The other evening I was spending some quiet time alone at home.  I was crocheting a baby blanket and thinking about nothing in particular when I looked up and saw the scene you see in the picture above.  Yes, it’s part of my living room.  Nothing fancy.  Nothing special.  But I realized that this little snap shot has a few stories to tell.

Let’s play detective and see what we can unearth about my hubby and me.  For starters, we live in an upstairs apartment.  It is a very nice apartment, but not high-end, so we aren’t rich by any means.  A glance at our furniture would second that guess.  The blond sideboard in the picture is part of a dining room set.  There is a matching dining room table and 4 cushioned chairs that go with it.  That’s pretty high-class for us – having a matching set of anything!  The story behind it goes back about 10 years when my Hubby accompanied friends to a farm auction.  He felt sorry for the lonely table setting off by itself, and no one bidding on it.  So he piped up with a bid for $5.00.  Going – going – gone!  Hubby asked his friend if he thought he should also bid on the chairs and the side board.  “Uh, you just bought the whole dining set for $5.00”  Well, what does that tell you about my Hubby?  He’s impulsive, he drives a hard bargain, or he hasn’t quite figured out the bidding process.  Needless to say, this old farm dining room set has served us well for the past ten years.

The dark cabinet on the right side of the picture is an old secretary’s desk that belonged to my Hubby’s Grandmother.  “Grandma’s Desk” holds a place of honor in our home.  It is the guardian of family treasures. The glass top section shows the special music boxes that I have collected since high school.  There is the piano, the first Christmas gift Hubby gave me.  My son splurged on a big fancy carousal type music box.  It was a gift shortly before he departed this life, so I treasure it.  My youngest daughter graced me with music box that celebrated my giving her wings and a foundation.

Grandma’s desk also contains ashes and lava from the explosion of Mt. St. Helen’s in 1980.  We lived out in Seattle, and a month before our wedding, the mountain blew.  A few Precious Moment figurines also grace the display area on the desk.  Sentimental reminders of special events in our lives.  The two angels on top of the desk were made by my mother years ago before she died.  She was very gifted in ceramics.

The wooden high chair, not quite an antique, but getting close, was purchased by me at a garage sale.  Remember how I love garage sales?  I bought it with the intent of using it as a plant stand.  It also became a display chair for one of my teddy bears.  High chairs and dressed up teddy bears…would Patrick Jane find me somewhat eccentric?

Oh but a nature lover as well!  Look at my beautiful spider plant!  It is doing so well in that spot.  The plant is a 3rd or 4th generation from the original spider plant that Mrs. Arndt, the second grade teacher had in her classroom.  When she retired, she gave the plants to me.  I suppose that makes me a sentimental eccentric historical plant buff.

You’ll notice on the high chair in front of the bear, there is a small plant that belongs to my husband.  He is very proud of that little cacti.  Our eldest daughter presented the gift store specimen as a souviner   of our family trip to Arizona two years ago.  It’s a Giant Saguaro from the Sonoran Desert.  We water it with 1 TB of water once a month.  It likes an indirect sun.  It has grown an inch since we got it.  We figure since it needs 15 years to grow one foot, 40 years to grow 10 ft high, and that they can live over 200 years… this little guy will be our legacy to the rest of the family members to come.  Have fun kids!!

You can’t help but notice the banjo resting on the sideboard.  We like music.  And my hubby became interested in a banjo, bought himself one, and taught himself to play.  Just like he taught himself to play the accordion.  He’s a regular bull-dog when he sets his mind to something!

And finally, there are three pictures on the ledge of my three beautiful grandchildren.  The true pride and joys of any Nana and Baba.

So, what do you think Patrick Jane would deduce about Hubby and me?  A little strange, a little scattered, not to demanding on the luxuries of life.  Hopefully never a suspect involving the CBI’s crime investigations!

What do you think?


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  1. I think you sound a lot like my mom and dad!

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