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Call of the Sirens

Do you remember the Greek Myths about Ulysses and the call of the Sirens?  The song of the Sirens was irresistable to anyone who heard it.  Mariners were called to their destruction.  With a little foreknowledge and advice, Ulysses and his men safely made it past the island of the Sirens.

Ulysses and his men may have escaped the Sirens’ call by putting wax in their ears, but Bubba and Nana haven’t been as pre-prepared as Ulysses and his crew.   When the Sirens call – or rather when the grandkids call – we have a difficult time not responding.  And our grandkids all live far, far, away.  It’s a strong song they sing!

And so, Bubba and Nana find themselves once again contemplating loading up the ole wagon and hitting the trail west to the grandkids.


Right now we live in a very nice apartment, in a very nice little town where we have lived for 18 years.  The children have all grown up and scattered with the wind.  We live here alone, with no family near by.   We love our apartment, our little town is pleasant, and the standard of living is within our means.  But the calling song of our grandchildren has suddenly become too strong to ignore.  We want to move to be close to them.  We want to be  a regular part of their childhood.

We have moved four times in the past, one of them being cross-country.  All of them had been spur of the moment moves.  This may be more of the same.  Bubba and I are traveling west this next week to seek available housing.  It’s probably a good thing we still haven’t unpacked everything from the last move!

I’ll keep you posted on all developments!


Comments on: "Call of the Sirens" (3)

  1. Can you at least give me a chance to say goodbye before you disappear? I will miss you . more than you will ever know. But I know we have the computer to keep in touch. Do you have a web cam? we can skpe!I just want you to be happy.And this move will make you happy. Your business is settled here. I love you sooo much.

    • Hey, you’re one of my very best friends… I’m hanging on tight to you!! Yup, we can skype. And you could even come visit! I love you too.

  2. skype sorry not skpe oops. get out the red pen!

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