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Finding Our Way

Our big event this weekend was to go shopping for a GPS.  We’re planning a trip to the northern woods of Minnesota in the near future, and we don’t quite know our way around all those lakes and trees.  Actually, it’s not the lakes and trees so much, as driving through the various big cities along the way.  When you have spent the last 18 years living in a little town where three cars in a row is considered rush hour traffic… well, metropolitan driving can be very unnerving.

Knowing zip about GPS qualifications, we decided to start at Best Buy and shop for information from the world’s most helpful and knowledgeable clerks.  We learned a lot about what kind of features we wanted – like ‘lane assistance’ for all that big city driving.  Then we got to play with the various models until we decided which one we liked.  At that point, one of world’s most helpful clerks came back to tell us they were ‘out of stock’.  Ho-hum.  Just our luck.

“Well, suggests I.  Why don’t we zip on over to Target and see what they have.”

A simple suggestion, but as it turns out, it was the flash of brilliance for the day.  Target had our favored brand, and, as I discovered, the upgraded model from the one we had picked out was on sale!  Gotta love those end cap clearance sales.  (The clerk, however, was no bargain.)

So, last night Hubby played with the GPS, getting everything downloaded from the computer, and learning how to operate the thing.  Today we took her for a test run to Wal-Mart.  My goodness, were we ever impressed!  I never in a million years realized that the world rotated and revolved around our car!  And Ms. GPS was so polite!  She never once told us we were going the wrong way, or were off track (like the gps on our former smart phone).  She simply immediately rerouted the map to get us back on course.  We made it to the store and home again with no mishaps, and our self esteem still intact.

Now, if the gas prices would just go down before we leave…


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  1. Love this post! I call my Girl the ‘Bitch in a Box’. To my hubs, I’m the ‘Air Bag’. Life is full of challenges, but GPS sure make them easier to navigate!

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