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The Waiting Game

Yesterday we went shopping.  Thoughts of moving to Minnesota have set visions of Arctic blizzards in the head of Papa Bear, and he has finally conceded that he needs a new winter coat.  After all, it is his job to take the dog out;  and if we move to the Arctic winters of Minnesnota, he wants to be ready.  I recall the same mindset years ago when we moved from temperate Seattle to wild Wisconsin.  Papa Bear remembered tales his mother had told about blinding blizzards on the prairie farm where she grew up.   Winter weather had him a bit nervous that first year.

That’s one way to get him into a nice looking, warm winter jacket.  No rips, holes,  smells, or blood stains from butchering turkeys.

Last weekend we went to visit the children in northern Minnesota, and scout out the apartment scene.  Strange, but apparently in a big touristy region, they don’t find the need for many apartments.  The pickings weren’t plentiful.  It seemed we had a choice between meth-lab neighbors, or high-rise high rent apartments.  Finally we were just driving aimlessly around the general area we were interested in.  The was one possibility left.  Online research had not been promising on this one, but we were getting discouraged.  We stopped to take a look.  And wouldn’t you know it, after showing us four different available apartments, the last one was the one that said ‘home’.  Oh! the manager forgot to mention – if we sign a year’s lease, we get a discount on the rent!

Wonderful, glorious, heaven-sent!

We just need to pass a thorough background check and have our application approved…

They seem a little paranoid in Minnesnota.

Maybe they are just fussy about who they let stay in their winter wonderland.

So, for a week we have been back, here at home, just sitting in limbo. Waiting.  Will we be accepted?  Should we start packing?  How much should we weed out, and leave behind?  Do I give notice at the station?  And what if they say ‘NO’?

I really hate this waiting in limbo.  Once again I know that God is giving me an opportunity to practice patience and trust.  Trust that the Lord will make things work for us according to His Good Measure.  And patience – because it will all come to pass in God’s Good Time.

At least we got Papa Bear ready for winter – where ever!


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  1. Our winters usually keep the riff-raff out, we don’t need many back round checks.

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