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How to Drive Yourself Nuts


Okay.  I have mentioned it before, but several weeks ago, Hubby and I up and decided to move to Minnesota to be near our grandchildren.  We’re good at impulsive decision-making.  Well, maybe I should say we’re prone to making impulsive decisions.  We are also not ones to waste a lot of time once we made a decision.  The next weekend we drove to Minnesota to do some apartment shopping.  We found one we liked and applied for it.

I’ll admit, it has been harrowing just sitting around here, waiting to see if we passed the background check.  Finally, we got the good word.  We were accepted!  My immediate reaction was to start collecting boxes… lots and lots of boxes.

I think the wait was a good thing.  It gave us time to start thinking intelligently.  This moving business is no small step.  We moved from our big family home in the country to an apartment in town just two years ago, but that was a move of only one mile.  Our biggest challenge was downsizing.  Freecycle and an industrial dumpster took care of that little task. One stop at the post office took care of the address issues.  Everything else stayed the same.

But now, we’re moving to a different state.  The several hundred miles between here and there has raised a few more details that will need attention.

  • Only one trip, so everything has to fit into one truck.  More downsizing.
  • Better packing.  We can’t just throw things willy-nilly into the back of the car and zip on over to the apartment to unload.
  • Moving out-of-state means new license plates for the car.
  • A new state means we have to get new driver’s licenses.  Do I have to take another driving test?  (I may have to reconsider this move…)
  • We have to find new doctors.  Rats, we really like the ones we are with now.
  • Along with new doctors, we will need to find a new pharmacy.  What are the chances that we will find a nice, friendly, independently owned pharmacy that allows it’s customers to “put it on a charge account”, and phone in their need for a refill?
  • New insurance agents
  • New credit union
  • New cell phone coverage
  • New car mechanic
  • New vet for Mandy
  • New pet groomer for Mandy.
  • and on, and on, and on…

Hmmm… it does seem as though we have established a few roots in this area.  I guess it’s inevitable when you have lived in one place for 18 years.  There will be people and places that we will miss when we move.  But I am excited about sending down a few new roots in Minnesota!


Comments on: "How to Drive Yourself Nuts" (8)

  1. Sounds exciting! As well as mind-boggling! Obviously your move two years ago was an intermediary step for this big move. Such life-changing events need to be done in phases:-)

    God has good plans, doesn’t he?

  2. Well if you have to retake a driving test 1 thing is for sure. You will need to SLOW DOWN and not drive so close to the person in front of you! Hahaha.

  3. … and staying in the right lane! 😀

  4. OH MY GOSH! Brave you, confronting new frontiers! I’ll just lag behind… and whine… I like a good whine…

  5. Waah! Try moving 12 hours from your home of nearly 67 years!! LOL and losing your husband on top of that! Sad to say, but true. However I am learning to cope every day. I enjoyed reading your post and can certainly empathize with you. I am trying to learn about my area in MN and trying to make some new friends. But it is hard to do. Especially when you don’t get out much by yourself and don’t drive well in the snow! LOL I don’t work either, so I don’t have that to fall back on. But, I’m not writing this for sympathy, just merely stating my situation. I’d love to hear how your move went if you have the time.

  6. I just moved from TN to AZ. We had a 3,000 sf house. It was awful packing. We went to Sam’s Club and bought 50 boxes. It is best to have all the boxes one size, for easier packing of the truck. We had to rent two moving trucks. I drove one and hubby drove one. It took us 4 days of driving. I was a nervous person driving that big truck through big towns. Good luck on the move. Get lots of bubble wrap. Those roads and so rough and bumpy.

  7. Oh, on second thought it was more than 50 boxes. If you need any advise just ask.

    • Since we are moving out of an upstairs apartment, and into another upstairs apartment; and since we have to do all the carrying… well, we just decided it would be best to keep things to one 16 foot truck. Limit the misery! 😉

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