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It’s NOT My Momma’s Fudge

So I tried making fudge from a recipe found elsewhere.  My cookbooks are already packed, and Momma’s fudge recipe was unavailable.  With fear and trepidation I followed the foreign directions for fudge.

So far, so good.  This is the stirring stage while one waits for the sugar, butter, and evaporated milk to reach the soft boil stage.  This recipe had the proportions different.  Only half as much milk.  That worried me.

Still stirring and waiting for soft boil.  I noticed the froth didn’t look quite the same…

Ok, we reached soft boil, and added the chocolate and marshmallow.  Things were definitely not right.  It felt like I was stirring quick drying cement!  (plus I totally forgot to add the vanilla.)   No, it’s not right!

Well, we’ll set it outside to cool and see how things go.  Maybe it will still taste ok.

When I went to score the “still warm fudge”, I discovered that the fudge was already set.  (quick drying cement)   It came out of the pan nicely, but I just don’t think a meat cleaver and a hammer should be needed to cut the fudge.

Never, ever use any fudge recipe except my Momma’s!!


Comments on: "It’s NOT My Momma’s Fudge" (7)

  1. That is usually my luck at fudge. The hammer is funny in the picture.

  2. Haha!!! Sorry about that. What a waste. Chocolate and Marshmellows to make fudge? Is that normal? I always remember condensed milk….. xx…. perhaps you could mix pieces with hot coffee, might make a splendid drink?

  3. Amazing photos of fudge.

  4. I feel the same way about my Grandma’s fudge. Too bad you had to use a hammer…

  5. ProudMilitaryMom said:

    What a shame- it looks (and sounds from your description) like the chocolate seized. Usually happens because of water getting in or too high a temp. (Even a tiny bit of water from condensation on the spoon will cause it to seize. Sometimes can be corrected by adding a little butter.)
    Loved your story!

  6. Hammer is the best option 🙂

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