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Momma’s Christmas Fudge

For all the families that celebrate the Christmas Season, there are at least as many holiday traditions.  “Over the hill and through the snow, to Grandmother’s house we go!”  Others spend Christmas at home with their own children.  Do you open gifts Christmas Eve evening , or Christmas morning? Do you go to church early or late on Christmas Eve?   Do you have a big Christmas dinner, or are you Christmas goodies snackers?  You get the idea.  So many traditions!

Of course my family had special Christmas traditions.  One of the most delicious tradition was the Christmas baking done by my Mom.  For weeks before Christmas she would be busy baking all kinds of wonderful Christmas goodies.  But we didn’t get to eat them; no, Mom would pack them all away in cookie tins and hide them down in the cool basement to await Christmas Eve.  Of all Mom’s Christmas treats, her fudge was by far the favorite.  Nobody made fudge like my Momma!

I don’t remember how old I was when it dawned on me that the hidden Christmas cookies were reachable before Christmas Eve.  I began volunteering to take (or get) things from the basement for my mom.  Each trip just happened to take me past the ping-pong table where the Christmas tins were stacked.  Who would notice if I pilfor a tiny square of fudge from that great big tin?  I thought I was really getting away with something!  Years later it came out that Mom, Dad, and my siblings were all playing the same game with the Christmas goodies.

When I grew up and left home, Mom’s fudge recipe was the first one I asked of her.  I dutifully followed her recipe every Christmas, and it became a favorite of my family as well.  I didn’t bother to try to hide the fudge, saving it for Christmas Eve.  Instead I made a double batch.  One batch to snatch from, one saved for Christmas Eve.

As my children grew up and left home, Grandma’s fudge recipe was also requested by them.  Fudge was incorporated into new family Christmas tradition.  My youngest daughter’s new family traditions included Grandma’s fudge, and her mother-in-law’s spinach dip.

This year we are packing to move in a few weeks, so we didn’t do too much for Christmas.  Many of our traditions were packed away ready for the move.  However, missing fudge was not an option.  But my cookbooks were packed away too.  I would have to use a different recipe for the fudge.  So, this Christmas Day afternoon, Hubby and I tackled the task of making a foreign batch of Christmas fudge.  The pan of fudge is out on the deck, cooling off in our winter weather.  Later we will sample it with another of our traditions – egg nog!

I’ll let you know how the fudge and ‘nog turned out


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  1. I made fudge for all my family this year 🙂 but I did white chocolate and cranberry. Please look at my blog posts as I am aspiring to become a journalist once I’m older and would really appreciate opinions on my writing 🙂

  2. Merry Christmas to you too!! the fudge look delicious. I like those holidays traditions, they have the christmas spirit.

  3. Hi..
    i love making fudge and often use my own nana’s recipe too.. 🙂 but i also collect good recipes so once you are all set up in your new place then would you mind sharing yours?? I would like to try another new successful recipe..

    Merry Christmas.. 🙂

  4. I love your blog. The design is beautiful and your color scheme is spectacular. It made the cover for wordpress.coms site. Nice Job!

  5. I found this under “Freshly Pressed” on my WordPress homepage, and I loved it. You post is so sweet and comfy-homey, you know? It almost brings back warm memories. 🙂 Thanks.

  6. yummmmyyyy ❤

  7. If I ate that Fudge I’d have to do an extra 2 hours of working out. It looks yummo though …well maybe I will have just one piece.



  8. You should share your fudge recipe when you find it!

  9. […] For all the families that celebrate the Christmas Season, there are at least as many holiday traditions.  "Over the hill and through the snow, to Grandmother's house we go!"  Others spend Christmas at home with their own children.  Do you open gifts Christmas Eve evening , or Christmas morning? Do you go to church early or late on Christmas Eve?   Do you have a big Christmas dinner, or are you Christmas goodies snackers?  You get the idea.  So ma … Read More […]

  10. I am super craving for your fudge… looks divine!!! 🙂 Loved your story and I used to be a lot of cookie and candy pilfering at my home too!

  11. Please tell me how to make fudge.
    In Germany we do not know fudge and I would like to make.

    Greetings from sweetkoffie 🙂

  12. Wow yummy! I hope I can have a taste of your fudge. Thanks for sharing, I hope you include the recipe.

  13. im not really into fudge, but that looks really good!

  14. lifesmystery said:

    Hi there,

    reading your story, sounded just like my Christmases when I grew up. My Mom and I would bake for what seemed like an eternity to me. She had buckets full of goodies stashed away. And she kept them under lock and key. But the little stinker that I was, figured out how to pick the lock to the living room door to get to the cupboard with the treats in them. After a little while of sneaking them, she wised up and then marked the layer of cookies in the outside with a marker, so when it fell below that I got into trouble. But I learned to re-arrange the layers in such way to hide it again.
    Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas.

  15. must have been funny to discover that everyone was stealing those cookies and fudge ahead of time. I made cupcakes yesterday for my family, and some of us had them for an appetizer! No sense in saving them for one special day. A friend of mine once remarked, “if you’re saving a bottle of champagne for a special moment, the minute you decide to drink it becomes that special one.”
    What a wonderful tradition you guys have 🙂

  16. I love the name of your blog! I also love fudge and Christmas cookies! Hope you enjoyed your Christmas goodies!

  17. Now I want fudge. I am going to tell my hubby to make it today. He makes good fudge. I have tried so many fudge recipes and they don’t come out good. It is good you have a good result fudge. When you find it, post it here. Have a Happy New Year.

  18. Merry Christmas. Fudge has always been my all time favorite. Have a happy and prosperous 2011.

  19. Quite a good Post I wanted to link my post and for the Photography and its word… With the last contribution, help or work: it’s in Italian …

  20. Perhaps the only redeeming factor of spending Christmas Day with my in-laws is my mother-in-laws infamous nanaimo bars, where she doubles the chocolate topping… But fudge would be even better!
    I love the chocolate fudge recipe in the New Basics Cookbook, although it requires a candy thermometer which I don’t possess, so it always turns into a bit of a guessing game.

  21. It’s been years since I had fudge as I’m not too much of a lover of it, but your post, picture and words have made me realllly want to try some home made stuff! Happy Christmas 🙂

  22. my grandmother made the best fudge I ever had but that secret went with her to granny heaven.

    pass the recipes down, it’s that important, I miss her fudge lots and her of course 🙂

  23. It sounds like we’re in company with each other on the Christmas goodies. I’d like that fudge recipe too.

    One year, when I had done quite a lot of baking, I checked on the quantity of goodies just a bit before Christmas, only to find there was very little left. The conversation at the dinner table that night went something like this,
    “I discovered today that the goodies I made for Christmas are nearly gone.”

    Four sheepish faces looked down at their plates then back at me. I looked each of them straight in the face—including my husband— and said I was making one more batch of something and they had better stay out of them.
    We can laugh about it now, but I was not happy with them at the time.

    I’d like that fudge recipe too.

  24. WHAT THE FUDGE! haha, chocolate during the holiday season is the best. especially if its snowing and you’re inside just chilling out.

  25. My grandma still makes fudge every year. Great post, fuge is truly special. 🙂

  26. What a great story! I love fudge!

    I found a new easy recipe this year I’m loving. So simple: microwave one bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips and one can of sweetened condensed milk 30 seconds. Stir, repeat three times, pouring out into a wax paper lined pan (I do a long brownie pan, rather than the suggested 8X8 square. I like mine a little more thin to break into bite sized pieces).

    I love that the ingredients are both smooth…no chance of me leaving that granulated sugar trace behind!

  27. Fudge and nog! Fudge and nog! That’s a wonderful marriage of two decadent Christmas treats. Now, can we make eggnog fudge?!?

    Kudos on being FP…enjoy your holiday season!

  28. So sweet…. wish u a Merry Christmas n a happy new year!!!

  29. ohmylady333 said:

    It is a big day. Thanks for such warm details in the festival.

  30. Nothing will beat granny’s or mom’s traditional recipes like this fudge. Just the look on that picture its so yummy!


  31. You must post the recipe for all!!!
    Maggie’s recipe above seems like the simplest i have EVER seen! Almost too good to be true….I am scared of things like that! HAHA!
    Will read yoru next post to see how all turned out.

  32. oooh yummy looks so good! but i dont think it will work very well with my healthy kick!!


    check out my blog – it’s brand new!!



  33. I love having such vivid memories from my own childhood … and realizing my children will have many as well.

    Thanks for reminding me…


  34. Could I have the recipe, please? 😀 :>

  35. My daughter and I made fudge for the first time this year. It was wonderful and sweet and rich. I hope your experiment with a new recipe went well.

  36. My mother used to make fudge early in December and age it for a few weeks before Christmas rolled around to eating it.

    Great post! Thanks!

    Ben Ganje, Urban Realtor®/Dad

    Insight into the urban markets

    High end luxury starts here


  37. haha that is cute! We had the same thing at my mother in law’s house. She kept all the candy out in the garage, and whenever we would go out there we would sneak a cookie, or a piece of candy… yeah we got caught.but man was it delicious!
    I’m a horrible cook.. maybe one year i would tackle fudge .. but that is not in the near future lol.

  38. O Jesus, son of Mary! Is thy Lord able to send down for us a table spread with food from heaven?

  39. moirataylor said:

    Looks yummy! I tend to make a lot of tiger butter during the holidays, but at this point I’d love to expand my repertoire.

  40. Such a sweet (pun intended!) story…I can’t help but wonder, if you have made this fudge countless times, do you still need the recipe? Perhaps, like me you like to lovingly follow each step on a recipe no matter how many times you make it :).

  41. Great blog 🙂

    I just recently made some fudge. It wasn’t chocolate though it was peanut butter and cheese fudge. I have to say it was awesome & very unique. Of course there is nothing like the classic chocolate fudge.

  42. This is so true! I love yummy treats made by my mom and my grandmother during the holidays! They’re the best at these times of the year 😀

  43. I always make fudge every year, but this year there just wasn’t enough time. Your story kinda reminds me of when I was a kid and not realizing where all the goodies where hiding, right under our

    I would never have thought to leave the fudge outside, actually would be afraid some foreign animal would eat it. Hope it turned out great.

    Happy New Year!

  44. yummy… marry christmas

  45. your making me hungry

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