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The Mountains Are Behind Us


I’ve mentioned a few times in past posts about our planned move to Minnesota.  Well, after weeks of planning, sorting, tossing, and packing… the move has been made.  It has  been one of those events you wish you could fast forward through.  I imagine the early pioneers traveling westward felt the same way when they saw the Rocky Mountains looming up before them.  They got to be crossed!

Well, the move was this last weekend.  I tried really hard to be as unconscience as possible while doing my share of the chore.  Friday, with the help of some old friends, we crammed the Penske truck full of our worldly treasures.  Saturday, with the help of my sister and brother-in-law, we drove eight hours to Minnesota.  Sunday, with the help of new church friends, all our worldly treasures were hauled up a long flight of stairs to our new apartment.  One fellow, carrying book box #18, suggested we buy a Kindle.

Monday, I came down with my grandson’s cold.

It’s a little more hassle unpacking when you’re sick.  But hey!  The move…the mountain… is behind me!

Praise the Lord.  We made it.


Comments on: "The Mountains Are Behind Us" (2)

  1. Welcome to your new home! Just one of the joys of being closer to your grandchildren right?! ^__^ I’d love a Kindle as well but nothing beats a real book.

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