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Ah, Winter…

The weather news is all about the “record-breaking winter storm” that is to pummel the Plains States and head on up to visit the Northeastern States this week.  I have read all about it on the internet.  Facebook friends are already moaning about having to shovel snow again.  Cities are calling  emergency conditions in anticipation of the blizzard.  Goodness, Pennsylvania is worried that Groundhog’s Day will be frozen over and buried in snow.  How will we know when to expect spring?

Since we have arrived here in northern Minnesota, I haven’t heard a word about the weather.  No panic about more snow, just a slight shrug of the shoulders.  “What’s a little more snow?”

We live in an apartment.  Our car has a spot in the heated garage.  A big plow comes and plows the parking lot and the roads.  Maintenance snow blows the sidewalks.  Heat is covered in our rental agreement.    In fact, the only inconvenience might be in breaking through the snow so the dog can do her thing.

I think we have it pretty easy!  How blessed we are!

I think back to years ago when history experienced some pretty fierce winter weather.  Back when there were no highways, snow plows, or snow-blowers.  How ever did the folks survive their long lonely winters with out the protection, shelter, equipment, and support systems we have today?

Have we grown soft?  We can’t deal with winter?  Maybe the automobile is not an improvement on the horse-drawn sleigh.  Maybe it’s not such a good idea to depend on the neighborhood convenience store.  Maybe we should ‘stock up’ for the long winters like the pioneers and settlers did hundreds of years ago.   Winter cold and winter snow storms are the norm for a great part of the United States.  We should be expecting snow and cold!  We should not be caught by surprise when a foot or so of snow arrives.

It’s a winter wonderland out there!  Lets enjoy it!  We’re blessed.  Be thankful.   We have it easy.




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