Nana has tales to tell, and thoughts to share.

I have a three-year-old granddaughter named Lydia.  Like all granddaughters the world over, mine is extremely bright, cute, and totally amazing.  And like all three-year-olds, Lydia is extremely inquisitive.  In other words, she is in the “WHY” stage of life.

“Nana, why is your neck all wrinkly?”

“Because I’m getting old.”

“But why?”

I’d like the answer to that one also.

Generally little ones tend to outgrow that WHY stage as they mature.  I wonder why?  As we grow, do we not care about things as much…or have we already learned all the answers?  I have to say though, no matter how far one travels from the WHY stages of a three-year-old, occasionally questions pop up, and we wonder – “WHY?”

For example, the other night I was in the  bathroom when I noticed a new roll of toilet paper sitting on the vanity counter.  I then noticed that the toilet paper spindle was empty.  Okay, here comes the big question:

WHY can’t other people change the rolls of toilet paper?”

I did a little research into the topic of toilet paper – just looking for some insight.  Did you know that toilet paper was first used by the Emperor of China in 1391?  His sheets of TP were two feet X three feet.  Obviously, not on a roll.  I wonder if a servant had to bring in a sheet each time the Emperor visited the ‘throne’?

Joseph Gayetty first sold factory-made loose sheets of toilet paper in 1857.  (A bit smaller than the Emperors’ no doubt).

Zeth Wheeler patented rolled and perforated toilet paper in 1871.

In 1935, Northern Tissue advertised “splinter free” toilet paper.  (A real improvement in product quality!)

Looking back through history, the invention and production of toilet paper shows creativeness and intelligence.  It also shows a major involvement of the male species.  So, if they were clever enough to make a roll of toilet paper. . .

WHY can’t they change a roll of toilet paper?


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