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Problems in Camelot

Lately, things haven’t been peachy-keen in Camelot.  Since moving to Minnesota, and settling into our lovely apartment, I have noticed a problem.  I’m not always real observant, so it took me a while to figure this out.  But one gray winter day I looked in the mirror and discovered . . . my hair was a disaster! A tired, out-of-shape, dirty, greasy, uncontrollable mess.  And I had exposed this horror to the public?  Action must be taken.

I have always heard, that good hair begins with a good haircut.  I have grown my hair out, and it had been awhile since I had a taming-of-the-shrew trim.  So, with coupon in hand, I trotted off to the nearest walk-in hair salon.   I  receive a very nice trim.  My hair felt good!  I was in control once more.  Problem solved.

Well, the good haircut feeling lasted a few days before I noticed that once more there was a hair problem.  It just looked BLAH.  No life, no shine, no styling cooperation.  Am I sick?  Hair is a barometer on the health of one’s body.  Too much junk food and not enough healthy food?  No, can’t be.  Since moving to Minnesota and living just down the road from my dedicated healthy-homemaker daughter, Hubby and I have eaten better than ever.  Ah-ha!  it’s my shampoo!  One should switch shampoos now and then to avoid shampoo build-up which drags down your hair.  So, I switched to a higher-end shampoo than what I usually use.  Rich feeling hair . . . for a few days.

Now I noticed that my hair was becoming greasy, as in: I’m-a-teenager-with-oily-scalp-issues.  I would wash my hair in the morning, and by noon the bangs were clinging to my forehead.  This problem required a few days of mulling over.  Why?  What was wrong?  Was it the ‘Benjamin Button’ Affect?   Was it stress induced?  Stress is an old acquaintance, it usually manifests itself in other ways.  Think, think, think.

An idea!  We just moved to a different place!  A place with different water!  Yes, I had noticed that my Dawn dish soap wasn’t giving me it’s usual rich bubbles.   The new dishwasher left the dishes dirtier.  Oh, no. . .

We have hard water

Not only does shampoo leave residue in one’s hair, hard water also dumps its contents of minerals and dirt in one’s hair.

There’s a cure, I know it.  I vaguely remember learning something useful concerning clogged up hair.  A rinse!  Ah, yes, computer research varified my memory.   I need to rinse my hair with either apple cidar vinegar, or lemon juice.  Since I’m a once upon a time blonde, the lemon juice rinse would be more beneficial for my hair.  The acidity of the lemon juice breaks down the shampoo and mineral build up, then rinses it away!

Once again all is well in Camelot.

My hair is returning to its normal strong-willed self.

I love easy fixes.


Comments on: "Problems in Camelot" (2)

  1. So glad to be dedicated and healthy!

  2. Hahahahahahahhahahahhahahahha I miss you sooooooo much. It came to ma as I was reading this that you and I really think a lot a like. The fact that you gave all that thought and humor to your hair….. It is like we are one person.This was almost as good as the pants. I laughed as loud. Miss you.

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