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Nana’s House


‘Nana’s House’     by Lydia

This is Nana’s house.  It’s really big.  Pete and I like to visit Nana and Baba at their big house.  We like to run in the long halls, and climb the big stairs.  Nana and Baba have snacks for us to eat, and ‘Baba Juice’  (G2) for us to drink in sippy cups.  They have a whole big closet full of toys that we get to play with.  I like to go out on the deck and look way, way down at the ground. There is only one thing we don’t like about Nana’s house:  Nana says other people live there too so we have to play quiet.

Why does Nana and Baba let other people life in their big house?

When we go to Nana’s house, there are things we like to do.  Peter likes to sit in Great Grandma Amos’ little white rocker and watch old cartoons on TV.  I like to play games with Baba and Nana.  Sometimes Peter plays too.  We play camping in Nana’s bedroom.  She has a light that turns on when you touch it.  That’s our campfire.  Nana’s big bed is our sleeping bag.  Sometimes I play with Nana’s old Barbie doll.  Her hair comes off.  That’s silly!  Pete likes to dance with one of Nana’s teddy bears that plays music when you squeeze its paw.

Yesterday Pete and I went to visit Nana and Baba.  I was having lots of fun playing with Baba.  Pete didn’t have so much fun.  He was crying because Mommy and Daddy went bye-bye.  He learned how to open Nana’s front door.  He was going to run away to find Mommy.  We all decided to go for a walk all over Nana’s big house.  We would walk from one glass door to the next looking to see if Mommy and Daddy were back.  Then we were having fun climbing up the stairs and sliding down on our bellies.  But Mandy barked too much and one of the other people living in Nana’s house came out and complained that we were too noisy.  That’s when Nana had a really good idea –

Next time we need babysitting, Nana and Baba and Mandy will come to our house.

We don’t have any other people  living in our house.

From: Lydia, ( almost 4yrs. old)



Comments on: "Nana’s House" (2)

  1. LOL! Yeah, Nana, that’s silly to have other people living in your house. ^_~ (Oh, and how old are the “old” cartoons?)

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