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I Found My Rocks!

Hubby and I had cleaned house, cleared out, packed up, moved, unpacked and settled into a new apartment far from the old one.  And in so doing, I discovered that I had lost my rocks.  Not my special rock collection rocks.  I packed them special, and they were unpacked and displayed on a shelf.  No, I lost my sentimental stones.  The special little stones that grab your eye when you are in a special time or place.  Natural souvenirs, hand-made by God Himself.

I kept my special stones in a pretty glass bowl.  I remember wrapping them in packing  tape, around and around the bowl, nice and tight.  I remember sticking the bowl in a box with other stuff.  But what box?  When all the boxes were unpacked, no stones.  I was beyond crushed.  I was pulverized.

Well, this past weekend I decided to make some Watkin’s Cinnamon muffins.  My husband had ordered cases of the mix, and the last box was stored in the pantry closet.  The last box... You got it!  Upon opening the box of muffin mix, there on top was my bowl of rocks.  You could also say I “found the Lord!” because along with my rocks was our ceramic bust of Christ.  Special treasures safely contained amidst bags of muffin mix.

Speaking of rocks . . . Hubby and I took one of our romantic little dates strolling through Home Depot this past weekend.  Home Depot has a rather nice plant section, and I like plants as much as rocks.  Imagine our thrill when we discovered pots of Lithops – “Living Stones”.

They are succulent plants that originate in southern Africa.  What a find!  Since Hubby’s Arizona Cactus did not survive the mid January move,  we decided to replace it with a Lithops.  So now, our southwestern decorated flower-pot is home to a south African Living Stone.

Isn’t it great how I can be thrilled by such inexpensive little things?



Comments on: "I Found My Rocks!" (3)

  1. Jack says they look like brains! 😉

    I’m so glad you found sentimental stones! You should do a blog about them… where they are from, etc. 🙂

  2. I love living stones! They are so cool!

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