Nana has tales to tell, and thoughts to share.

Lydia Came to Play

Lydia came to my house the other day.  Momma needed to go grocery shopping, and handling two and a half  kids at the grocery store can be very tiring for everyone.  So Lydia decided it would be nice if she went to Nana’s house to play while Peter and Momma went to the store.  Nana thought is was a nice idea, too.

Baba had to go run an errand, so it was just Lydia and Nana together at Nana’s house.  And since Lydia had a cold, Momma said we had to stay inside to play.  Lydia decided to just wander around at first, looking at all the things she has become familiar with at Nana’s house.

She noticed that Nana had a new plant on the coffee table.

” That’s a funny looking plant!” laughed Lydia.

Of course Nana had to tell her all about it, which in turn led to looking at all the stones in Nana’s special dish of stones.  Lydia decided that the polished Petoskey stone from Michigan was the prettiest.  Being a native Michigander, I had to agree .  I told Lydia how MY Baba found that stone and polished it up a long time ago.  Lydia thought we could use all the polished stones for money.  So just as Nana was gearing up for a game of shopping, Lydia’s eyes the couch and off she goes to play a new game – Lydia’s version of  Hide and Seek.

Oh!  Well, if Nana is going to be taking pictures, let’s take full advantage of the opportunity to make silly faces!

“Look at this silly face, Nana!  It will knock your socks off!

“Yes Lydia, that face certainly knocked my socks off!”

Once Nana put the camera down, Lydia decided it was time for something else.  She asked Nana about the strange pink and blue things she found in the kitchen drawer.  Nana explained that they were plastic lids to put on soda cans so we could close the cans if we wanted.  Lydia didn’t understand, so Nana had to demonstrate.  We needed a can of soda of course, so Lydia and I split a can between us. (I took most of the soda, and added lots of water to fill Lydia’s can)  We put the lid on Lydia’s can and sat down at the table for our snack of raisins and soda.

Lydia just looked at the can, trying to figure things out in her mind.  She wasn’t so sure she wanted to try taking a sip.

“Lift the can up like this and take a sip from the spout .  It will tickle your tongue.”

Well that was enough of a challenge for Lydia.  She hoisted the can and took a sip.

“I does tickle my tongue.” laughed Lydia. ” But why do we want to close the lid on the can?”  Uh-oh.  Here comes the whys!

“Um… Well, to keep bugs out for one thing.  You see, bugs like soda too, and every once in a while a bug gets to crawl inside a soda can to take a drink.”

Not quite sure she can believe everything Nana says, Lydia asked: “Did that happen to someone you know, Nana?”

“Oh yes.  I had a friend who set his can down on the ground and a bumble bee flew inside his can to take a drink.  Then, when my friend picked up his can to take a drink, both soda and the bumble bee fell into his mouth.”  Now I tend to embellish stories just a tad, and the more Lydia asked me to tell it again, the story grew more intense with actions and adjectives.

Oh, we were having a great time, just Lydia and I.  Not long after our snack and story time, Bubba came home and so did Momma and Peter.  And Momma brought us all a treat – ice cream cones!

What a nice day it was when Lydia came to play.


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