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10,000 Lakes – Give or Take

I moved to the land of 10,000 lakes, and happen to live near one of those lakes.  It’s right across the street from me.  I get to enjoy it from the windows and balcony of my apartment building.  Enjoying the view of the lake is probably all one can do.  It isn’t a very big lake.  It doesn’t have any beaches, or docks.  It’s not conducive to swimming, or boating.  In fact, it probably isn’t really a lake at all.  I think it’s a pond.  A really big pond.  Big enough for people who are looking to  own lake front property and build big houses.

All the really good lakes must have been taken, because now folks are down to buying  pond-front property.  The “pond front” subdivision is relatively new.  Half a dozen houses just built or still in the stages of being built snuggle up all around this pond.  They aren’t lake cottages, or modest homes like the rest of the neighborhood; no, these are monster size homes.  Three levels, vaulted ceilings, granite countertops, four-car garages, and elaborate decks.

Now, there really is nothing wrong with having lake front property, or having a big house.  I have relatives who live in this environment, and they enjoy it very much.  When I visit, I enjoy it too.   There is one difference though.  Their  houses are not bigger than the lakes.  They live near real lakes, big lakes, with beaches and boats, water skiing, swimming, and fishing.  If I were rich, I would definitely have a home on the shores of the ocean, or the Great Lakes or  maybe even a big lake.  In the meanwhile, I am content to life across the street from the water.

Taxes are cheaper.