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The Black Hole in my Pantry

I know all about Black Holes in space.   I learned all about them watching Star Trek, The Next Generation, Voyager, and Enterprise on TV.  I have read dozens of Star Trek type novels.  Oh, I’m a die-hard Trekkie.  So I know about those nasty little things known as Black Holes.  They happen when a dying star implodes, and the gravitational reaction pulls everything in with it.  To where ever stars go when they die.  Basically , you want to avoid black holes in space because whatever goes in, never comes out.


Kind of like my pantry closet.

The apartment we chose to rent is  blessed with a good size kitchen.  There are enough cupboards for the dishes, and countertop space for all the ‘gadgets’.  Besides all that, there is a pantry closet next to the fridge.  When I first gazed upon all that space with the three big shelves just waiting to hold all my food, I was ecstatic.  When we moved in and I unpacked and moved into my new kitchen I was thrilled.  I had so much fun putting the food stuff away in my new pantry.
How pretty!
How organized!
How convenient!

Then we went grocery shopping.  Again, and again, and again.  Suddenly, no matter how much we shopped for groceries, we could never find anything to eat at meal times!  Where was all that food we’ve doled out money for?
In the pantry…
under all that stuff piled in the closet.

Boxes and cans and bags of whatever.  It was such a jumbled mess that I needed Mandy our Collie to sniff out where her dog food was hiding.  Having three, big, deep, shelves were great for holding a lot of stuff, but you couldn’t see past the first row of anything.   Suddenly I realized that a new organizational system was needed.  I needed a narrow shelf system where I could see all the little items lined up in a single row.

Thus began the hunt for a pantry shelf unit for the closet door.  Since the door has fancy panes in it,  is hollow, and it doesn’t really belong to us… we figured we couldn’t just screw the shelving unit into the door.  We needed one of those “over the door hanging shelf units”.  I’ve seen them before!  They would work perfectly!

I looked everywhere I thought might carry such a home-improvement item.  No such luck.  So, I went online and searched.  Persistence pays off!  There, it was pictured, exactly what I had in mind!   So I ordered it.  And waited weeks for it to come.  Finally it arrived.  In a not so big box.  Some assembly required I bet.  As I opened the box and dug out all the packing material, I found the nice, neat, tightly bundled packet of wire shelves and two-foot long plastic runners.

“Um…where are the ‘over the door’ hangers?  How is this suppose to work if the shelf runners just snap together?”  I took physics in college, I knew that those snapped-together-plastic- runners wouldn’t bear the weight of all the shelves.  So back to my computer I went to find the web site picturing my over-the-door-pantry-shelves.

You have to be very careful when you go shopping.  You need to read ALL the fine print concerning your purchase.  And you have to look CAREFULLY at the display picture to make sure you are getting what you want.

Eventually Handy Hubby jerry-rigged the shelf thing so we could hang it.

Now my pantry is organized, and I just might find something to cook for dinner tonight.


Teeter Babes

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Do you recognize this? It’s a bit older than the pressed board wall behind it.  Maybe you have seen one, or used one.  Then again, maybe not.  I remember such a contraption very well.  I use to see them all the time, a long time ago.  In fact, a long time ago I even had one myself.

001 - Copy

Yah, check the date on that photograph… July 1956.  I was 7 months old as I sat there enjoying my teeter-babe.  The Cadillac of baby seats back in those days. (Being the first to break in a set of new parents and grandparents, I got a lot of the cool baby ‘things’.  Teeter-babe, high chair, buggy, stroller, crib and bathanet.)

That teeter-babe was quite the baby seat.  The metal curly frame was designed for bounce-ability.  Set baby in the seat, and any movement on baby’s part would set the seat to bouncing.  Once baby got bigger, the bouncing got better!  I remember my sister bouncing that teeter-babe across the kitchen floor.

The teeter-babe was a good way to set baby down for a while.  The baby could entertain herself with the rattles and teething rings placed in the tray.  Baby could exercise her growing muscles by bouncing up and down.  And best of all, baby was safely confined to one spot (supposedly).

When I had children of my own, I relied on my childhood memories for what my babies would need.  When it was time for a teeter-babe, I couldn’t find such a thing anywhere.  Hmmm.  Times change?  What everyone had now were walkers.

A baby seat on wheels.  The intent was to aid the baby in strengthening leg muscles and learn to walk.  So, we got the walker, and my babies loved it!  We lived in a ranch style house with hardwood floors.  When babies were big enough to propel themselves in the walker, they would race from one end of the house to the other.  “Tornado Ruthie”!!  And, like a tornado, baby would leave a wide swath of destruction behind.

Now walkers have gone the way of the teeter-babe.  Someone noticed that zoom-zoom babies in their walkers could zoom right on down the stairs and hurt themselves.  So, something else had to be developed.  Something that would amuse baby, allow them to develop their muscles, help them learn to walk, but keep them safely in one spot!

Hence, my grandchildren now can play “Captain Kirk of the Starship Enterprise” as they sit in their… Saucers ?!!


They can sit, they can stand, they can spin their seat around or walk in circles.  They have a dashboard of high-tech baby equipment to control their world; and, until they figure out how to jettison themselves from their cockpit … they are safe!

What ever will we think of next?